Cindy Green, Capel Rugs

Cindy Green joined Capel Rugs this fall to fill a new position that touches almost every aspect of our company, from domestic and import product design and development to sales.

We feel like Cindy’s been grooming for this job her whole life. She’s been a fabric designer for 26 years, working as a stylist and print designer for Culp Home Fashions and then as the first designer hired by Global Textile Alliance. Cindy has been involved with the Color Marketing Group for 12 years, currently serving as a member of the board of directors and vice chair of the North American ChromaZones.

She says, “Many years involved in textile design made a move to Capel Rugs an easy transition. I understand fibers, color, and dyes. My work has often included customer presentations on color and trend research.”

Color Marketing Group International Symposium 2017

Color Marketing Group International Symposium 2017

New designs and color patterns for Capel Rugs

As one of the people forecasting color trends all over the world, Cindy has got lots of ideas for helping Capel create rugs that resonate.  She has an exceptional eye for emerging fashion trends. Her experience with fabric is an asset because at Capel we are always looking at ways to develop new lines that excite our customers.

She’s already jumping in to provide design and creative input for all product lines: Capel, proprietary, licensed, and import.

When Cindy came on board, we were at the end of development for the Anthony Baratta lines. She helped coordinate the solid braids with loop pile inserts and much more.

Expect to see new and interesting “twists” within our braid lines resulting from Cindy’s inspiration.

We told her to create and have fun with colors and fibers. She’s wasted no time. There’s development of new yarn systems for our domestic products underway. Also, her ideas include new expressions with chenille, indoor/outdoor polys, and color combinations.

Capel Rugs Friends

Capel Rugs Friends

A sneak peek at 2019 color forecasting

Cindy just returned from the Color Marketing Group’s International Summit. As a member of the board, she’s a part of announcing trend expectations all over the world. While she can’t  reveal what’s coming from Color Market, she says, “I expect at Capel we’ll work on introducing a new niche with cream, beige, and grey and a warming of grey into taupe.”

And what about blue?

“Blue remains popular, but we see a yellowing influence that results in teal. Right now, there’s so much navy, indigo, and denim, but there’s a blue shift coming,” says Cindy.

In terms of how she predicts color, Cindy says, “I pay attention to what’s going on in the world – movies, politics, fashion, just everything in general. When I’m out shopping, I notice colors. Of course, I read a lot of shelter magazines such as Elle Décor and fashion magazines like W.”

Cindy Green and Ron Capel with friends at Color Market Group Symposium

Cindy Green and Ron Capel with friends at Color Market Group Symposium

Settling in at Capel Rugs in Troy, North Carolina

She’s learning her way around Troy, North Carolina and our Capel headquarters at the best time of year. We just had our big Thanksgiving Day meal with all employees, and Christmas is a festive time as we slow down just a little before heading out to the wonderful winter show season, beginning with AmericasMart and Las Vegas Market in January.

“I learn something new every day from amazing people with incredible knowledge and skill. I met a woman whose mother worked here as a trainer to the sewers. She’d planned to stay for one year, that was 44 years ago. I already see why people stay with Capel and why the rugs made here are so enduring,” said Cindy.

We are grateful to have Cindy onboard and look forward to exciting new developments with braids, fabrics, colors, and much more.


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entry beighe

We have worked hard this year to bring our customers a wide range of new rugs. They will all be on display at our High Point Showroom this Market, October 13 – 17. Market Square, Space 112.

Here’s a quick preview.

Anthony Baratta

Introductions include a creative mix of indoor/outdoor, braided and hand tufted designs with Americana-inspired themes in a bold, bright palette.


A collection of five loop-pile rugs made in China of 100% olefin yarns. Part of the Capel Anywhere™ line of indoor-outdoor rugs, these designs feature five distinct American-themed patterns: Compass Quilt, in beige; Flags, in multi; Flower Trellis, in light blue; Stars & Stripes, in ivory; and Nautical Grid, in ocean blue and ivory.  Sizes include 3’ x 5’, 5’ x 8’ and 8’ x 10’. A 5’ x 8’ rug may retail for $349.


Hand Tufted

A collection of hand tufted designs made in India. The patterns include Square Trellis, a fashionable geometric design available in five colorways (gray, light blue, navy, cream and mushroom) composed of 90% wool and 10% viscose; and the equally eye-catching Compass Key, with two colorways (storm and admiral) in 70% wool and 30% viscose. Sizes include 5’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’ and 9’x 12’. A 5’ x 8’ may retail for $449.


Genevieve Gorder – Flower Pop

For Genevieve Gorder: A new hand tufted design called Flower Pop is being introduced. Inspired by a popular fabric collection Gorder created for P/Kaufmann, Flower Pop sports a bold, overscaled floral pattern. Made in India of 90% wool and 10% viscose, the new design features a high-low texture created with micropoint loop pile yarns. Four colorways are available — ice, peacock, navy and chocolate. Sizes include 5’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’ and 9’x 12’. A 5’ x 8’ may retail for $649.


WILLIAMSBURG® – “Trend Meets Tradition” designs

We’ve added a new pattern called Bamboo Trellis to the Finesse collection of indoor-outdoor rugs. Bamboo Trellis’ striking geometric design captures the unique feeling of the historic Colonial Williamsburg Gardens. Five colorways are available — Noir, spa, capri blue, navy and barley. Sizes include 3’11” x 5’6”, 5’3” x 7’6” and 7’10” x 11’. A 5’ x 8’ may retail for $149.


In addition, the Williamsburg collection also is adding Everhard Damask, a lovely floral design inspired by vintage Williamsburg fabrics.

williamsburg evergard damask blue

Capel’s Own


Made in India of 100% wool using loop pile yarns, Orbit makes a unique contemporary statement with its vivid swirl-shaped design offered in three colorways — green, grey and blue. Sizes include 5′ x 8’, 8’ x 10’ and 9’ x 12’. A 5’ x 8’ rug may retail for $349.



Made in Holland of 100% New Zealand wool on Axminister looms, Spencer features three traditional-styled patterns, each in two colorways:  Crown, in charcoal and mushroom; Keshan, in navy and cream; and Panel, in oyster and multi. Sizes include 3’11” x 5’6”, 5’3” x 7’6”, 6’7” x 9’10” and 7’10” x 11’2”. A 5’3” x 7’6” rug may retail for $649.



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HP Corner 7 6 16 1

We are holding a party for retailers, designers and media during the October High Point Market from 3 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, October 15. The party will mark the final celebration of our 100th Anniversary as well as the debut of the new collection with famed designer Anthony Baratta. 

a barrata with cameron small

With the purchase of three or more new rugs sized 5’ x 8’ or larger during the October market, receive a 20 percent discount. Also get in on the “pop a balloon for a cash” with rewards of up to $100.

Capel Rugs' High Point Furniture Market Showroom

Capel Rugs’ High Point Furniture Market Showroom

“We invite all of our dealers, designers and other members of the extended Capel family to join us for this festive High Point Market celebration,” said Cameron Capel, vice president of national accounts. “This will be a great chance for everyone to meet Anthony, one of America’s highest profile — and highest energy — designers.”

The party’s festivities will include complimentary wine, ice cream, a cheese platter and cake pops in honor of Capel Rugs’ 100th anniversary year. Baratta will be attending the event and available to meet with retailers and other attendees.

“We are so thrilled to work with this great American company to see our vision through,” said Baratta. It’s been wonderful working with Cameron and her team, and we’re already looking forward to the next collection.”

Known for a uniquely American design aesthetic distinguished by bold colors, ingenious mixes of patterns and scale, and relaxed forms, Baratta founded the interior design firm of Diamond Baratta Design in 1994 with partner Bill Diamond. Together, the two talented designers created a unique creative language that is an eclectic balance between pattern, color, history, luxury and modernity.

In 2010, the Benjamin Moore paint company honored Diamond Baratta Design with its Hue lifetime achievement award for the use of color in architecture and interiors, the first time the award has gone to interior designers. The Diamond-Baratta team also was named one of Traditional Home’s “20 Design Icons” as part of the magazine’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2009.

In 2012, when Diamond retired, Baratta renamed the firm Anthony Baratta LLC. The next year, he opened the Anthony Baratta The Shop in Westhampton Beach, N.Y. The shop features one-of-a-kind furnishings, antiques and accessories as well as custom couture for homes.

Baratta’s initial line includes several collections covering a range of styles, constructions and price points, including some patriotic-themed braids.

“Tony loves America, and America loves him,” said Capel. “He has a bigger-than-life, contagious enthusiasm that fills any room he enters. We can’t wait to share his creative vision with our dealers — and with our consumers. He’s the perfect designer to escort our company into its 101st year!”

With the purchase of three or more new rugs sized 5’ x 8’ or larger during the October market, retailers, designers and other buyers will receive a 20 percent discount. In addition, customers placing a qualifying order on any rug in Capel’s line — both new and existing models — also will have an opportunity to pop a balloon for a cash reward of up to $100.

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Cameron, John, and Danielle - Beijing 2016

John Harrison (center above in Beijing last winter), Capel Rugs’ Import – Export Manager, has been with us long enough to see the international rug import market come full-circle.

“When I started in ’94 hardly any of our rugs came out of India. Most of the imports were Wilton machine-made out of Turkey and Belgium and hand-made products were from China. By the late 90s, India became very entrepreneurial and built themselves an empire on tufted rugs,” says John.

John is from Troy, North Carolina. He started out in the import division and spent a lot of time focused on quality control for customers such as JC Penney and LL Bean. Quality has always been first and foremost at Capel.

Germany domotex 1.15.17Domotex 2017. (Left to Right) John Harrison, Import-Export Manager; John Magee, CEO; Danielle Batten, former designer; Cameron Capel, VP National Sales

Rug tastes change

For the last twenty years, rug buyers favored the tufted rugs coming out of India in a multitude of colors. These well-made, fashionable rugs became the middle-price-point rug of choice.

However, in the last couple of years, the machine-made rug makers have innovated. John notes that “Now we see exceptional products in the machine-made category once again with a host of colors, space-dyed yarns, as well as multiple pile options and fibers.”

Forecasting what rug buyers will love

In the rug business, we’ve all got to look for crystal balls to determine what will appeal to the market six to twelve months down the road.

John is our big picture person always looking a year ahead on anything related to product sourcing – new constructions, qualities, and color trends.

He says, “I’m constantly looking at the trade magazines and going to shows such as Domotex in Germany and Maison&Objet in Paris. Color Marketing Group is a leader in providing color trends for the coming years.”

Worldwide partners and 100-years of experience

Capel Rugs still makes most of our product in North Carolina and Georgia, but we’ve continued to expand our international partnerships and our offerings and price points.

Capel’s philosophy has always been to focus on quality across predominantly mid to high-end price point collections. However, in recent years we’ve expanded the machine-made offerings in the lower price points taking advantage of Olefin fibers.

“This year we decided to offer a step-up product in machine-made using 100% New Zealand wool in a line that has exceeded our expectations called Metropolis. It is doing fantastic in the market,” says John.

Metropolis Ziegler Deep BlueMetropolis Terrace MistMetropolis Skyline CreamMetropolis del mar bleu

Metropolis (Left to Right): Ziegler Deep Blue, Terrace Mist, Skyline Cream, Del Mar Bleu

As of 2017, we are working with producers in the following countries:

  • India
  • Belgium
  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Moldova
  • China
  • Holland (New collections from Axminster looms)


Why higher value, higher quality rugs do well

Metropolis’ success confirms our approach. We go for great value, noticeable quality, and excellent color ranges.

John says, “When we placed Metropolis in the market, we had to introduce our buyers to the fact that a machine-made rug can offer value and excellent quality. Most are so used to seeing synthetic yarns in the machine-made categories. To get a 100% wool rug like Metropolis within a competitive price range has interested many of our buyers.”

cameron jake johnCapel Rugs Team – Jake Sweeters, Cameron Capel, and John Harrison

Capel has a 100-year-old formula

Capel has benefited from a strong supply chain and excellent overseas partners for many years. We couple that with amazing folks in our distribution centers and customer service along with a willingness to package and ship to about any specification.

As John says, “We’ve been doing this a long time, and that’s an advantage. Plus, we never stop looking for what’s new. Capel is always hungry to innovate as well as keen on mixing the old and new to create something better for our customers.”

See what’s new here. Join us at High Point Furniture Market October 14 – 17, 2017.


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nyc now 2

Anthony Baratta – Capel Rugs Collection Coming to High Point Market

 A barrata new small
If you like color, color everywhere, you’ll love the Anthony Baratta – Capel Rugs collection coming to High Point Market October 14 – 17.
House Beautiful featured a wonderful article on Anthony and a fabulous Adirondacks Lake House featuring his work in July. We found inspiration from the master bedroom braid, plaid from the upholstered living room furniture, and well, the colors! Come see it all in High Point this fall.
Follow us on Face Book @CapelRugs to see images of Anthony Baratta-Capel Rugs coming soon.
Genevieve Gorder Introducing New Capel Rug Lines Soon!
GG flower pop 3
It’s been two years since the last new release with Genevieve Gorder. The wait is over.
Flower Pop (top ) will formally release in October at High Point Market. The Viking Stripe Collection continues to be one of our most popular rugs with Genevieve (bottom).
GG viking stripe store
Genevieve will be with us for the last 100-year hurrah in the High Point Showroom this October. Details coming soon!
Kevin O’Brien had a great showing at this summer’s NYNOW show.
I caught this great shot of him and wanted to share.
nyc now 2
Kevin will be with us again this fall at High Point Market. His new Capel lines – Tresillo, Leopard, and Woodgrain – are getting lots of positive attention.
Virtual Showroom Tours to See What You Love or Missed at Summer Markets
atlanta showroom
I always feel wistful this time of year because summer markets are so much fun for us. But football is in the air, and this High Point Market is going to be one of our most special.
As always, we’ll have football on in the showroom.
Please follow the link below to our virtual showroom tours to review what you loved and see what you missed from the summer shows.
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I get a lot of questions about Capel Rugs’ Custom Border program. Many of our customers take advantage of this opportunity because it offers Capel quality, and it’s so easy.

Step 1   Coordinate fabrics with rugs

Save a few yards of your fabric, and we’ll help you coordinate an area rug into a design plan. We can match sofas, pillows, and draperies as well as outdoor cushions.

Creative Concepts with Imogen Cherry Border

Creative Concepts with Imogen Cherry Border

sarasota shore canvas spa blue

Step 2   Select from one of eight base carpet styles

Capel Rugs offers eight base carpet styles. Choose the base that appeals to you and works best with your fabric. Send one yard of your fabric(s) to our Dalton factory. We will send back a corner sample for you to approve.


Step 3   Hit send and your custom rug is on the way

Once you approve the sample and we receive the fabric, your custom border rug ships anywhere in the world you’d like.


See the Capel Rugs website for more detail, including the Guide to Fabric Requirements per Standard Sizes.

Give us a call at 800 334-3711 to find out more about our custom rug program, or locate the dealer nearest you.

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Capel Rugs Employees

It’s been hard to catch our breath this year. Running around to all the parties at 100 takes its toll. Seriously, what a year this has been and there’s more to come. Our family has been overwhelmed with the love and support of customers, employees, friends and partners here and abroad.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our employee party.

Just over 150 of Capel Rugs’ corporate, retail and factory employees got together in Troy at our oldest rug making facility for a fun filled afternoon.

We have the most loving, dedicated employees anywhere, some have been with us fifty plus years. The talent among our staff is unparalleled.

Without them, we would not be here to celebrate this amazing milestone of 100 years in business.

The legacy of our grandfather, A. Leon Capel, continues, and we hope for another 100 years with the HQ and three production facilities in Troy as a fully vertical business. Every Capel braid starts in the basement of the historic Smitherman Cotton Mill in Troy. From basic raw cotton and wool, the fibers are carded, dyed, spun, braided and sewn onsite.

Capel Rugs also has production facilities in Dalton, GA, a warehouse in Aberdeen, NC, and an outlet store network.

The party is not over. Look for us at July markets in Las Vegas and Atlanta. Of course, the big one, not to miss is High Point this fall. Lots of surprises and new things coming.

Please let us hear from you. We love the stories. Post something to our Face Book, Twitter, or Pinterest sites. Or just write – PO Box 826, Troy, NC 27371.

With love,


Here are just a few images from the party. See the full album @capelrugs on Face Book.

epprayerep35ep30 familyep4ep6ep5employee party 3employee party 2

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9650_999f_R (1)

Inspired by a desire to bring high-quality, customized rugs to our customers quickly and at affordable prices, Capel Rugs and Coco of COCOCOZY, introduced Coco’s Color Block-Courier Rugs this fall.

In brief, you pick from twelve colors and a host of combinations in a multitude of rectangular sizes up to 15’x20’. Add a stripe or go solid, either way we deliver in less than 90 days.

It took months to sort out everything from the colors and construction to quick delivery turn-around, but in the end, we were thrilled with the high-end, heathered look that typically costs thousands of dollars to produce.

The 5’ x 8’ rug retails for $799.

Coco’s Color Block-Courier style is a wool rug in a flat woven construction that fits transitional, casual, or contemporary design tastes. Our partners in India are producing this rug.

Color Block Solid Cream

Color Block Solid Cream


Wheat, Lt. Green, Dk. Green, Lt. Grey, Charcoal, Black, Robin’s Egg Blue, Lake Blue, Navy, Cream, Mushroom, or Brown

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COCOCOZY and Cameron Capel 2016 High Point Furniture Market

COCOCOZY joined us at High Point Furniture Market in October to help introduce four new additions to the COCOCOZY line — Finesse Tower Court, Color Block, Ribbons, and Glace.

coco red

The entire COCOCOZY collection is a beautiful blending of traditional and contemporary themes and construction. Our customers have responded well to each new introduction over the last few years.

John Magee, Capel CEO, met Coco in 2012. We quickly became friends as well as colleagues. It’s an honor to share a bit of “insider” information about that mysterious woman behind the amazing contemporary designs.


Coco grew up in Los Angeles. After studying Art History and English at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, she attended law school at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The next few years were spent as a Broadcast Journalist, from Hagerstown, PA to Las Vegas. Then she landed a great job with FOX Broadcasting back in Los Angeles.

Once back home, Coco rediscovered her penchant for art and color and design.

coco teach

How did Coco become a famous designer?

Aspiring bloggers, take note. Coco began blogging incognito twice a day in 2008. See her blog here.

“Consistency and mystery are what I attribute to my blog taking off, and I enjoyed sharing with friends and family my ideas about fashion, decorating, and textile design,” says Coco.

coco label

Coco’s textile design process and key inspirations.

Even in a high-tech world, designers like Coco still enjoy hand drawing designs. We often bounce ideas back-and-forth via texted images.

“I’m inspired by nature, architecture, fashion, and color patterns in general. I brought my ideas to Capel, and they helped translate them into fabulous rugs. It’s the design-manufacturing partnership that makes it all work,” Coco notes.

The Tower Court collection is a contemporary machine woven indoor-outdoor design that portrays modern, geometric styling that grew out of imagery from Coco’s Wellesley experiences. Tower Court’s barley tone was especially well received at High Point Furniture Market. Tower Court comes in charcoal, spa, and Capri blue colorways too.

Tower Court Capri blue

Tower Court Capri blue

Tower Court Charcoal

Tower Court Charcoal

She attributes Glace, a transitional wool design hand tufted of wool and viscose in four colorways, to her love for vintage French glass.

Glace Black Cream

Glace Black Cream

Ribbons, a playful hand tufted polyester design with colorful, ribbon-like waves in three colorways, evolved from Coco’s drawings as did the popular Ring collection. Lyrical was inspired by floral art she collects.



Color Block is a customizable collection of “accessible chic” designs that represents our joint desire to offer a high-end, “heathered” look at an affordable price.

Customers can mix and match up to three colors from a palette of 12 fashionable choices, with delivery available in 30 days.

Color Blocks

Color Blocks

What’s next for COCOCOZY in the rug arena?

We are still in the discussion phases, but Coco wants to play around with a modern twist on the iconic Capel braid. As we rapidly approach our 100-year milestone, this idea sounds spot-on for us here in Troy, NC.

Look for much more to come from the COCOCOZY – Capel Rugs partnership.


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Capel Rugs' High Point Furniture Market Showroom

For nearly 100 years, we’ve spent a week each fall at our High Point Furniture Market showroom with some of our favorite people. Thanks to Bret Palmer, Capel’s High Point Market Square Manager, we believe the Capel showroom is the place to be October 22 – 26.

Bret and his helpers have been hard at work rearranging, planning, and setting up for the HPMKT.

High Point Capel Rugs Showroom

Bret Palmer, Manger, Capel Rugs’ High Point Showroom

Here’s just a few things to expect at 112 Market Square October 22 – 26, 2016:

-COCOCOZY, one of our design partners, will be onsite Sunday, October 23 with her new COCOCOZY’s Color Block and more!

-NFL on the big screen

-Biltmore’s cheesecake and wine

-Gorgeous new machine and hand-knotted introductions from Biltmore

-Massages for your tense shoulders and neck

-Recharge stations for your electronics

-Bellinis, of course, to refresh you

What’s different about the showroom this fall?

We’ve completely rearranged this amazing space to inspire designers and show off our custom rug offerings. You can’t believe how many rugs and racks have been moved to open this space up to make room for more displays and vignettes than ever before.

The first thing visitors see is the Capel Custom Shop, which includes Custom Color Block, Chenille Creations, Inspire, and Creative Concepts.

coco rug

COCOCOZY Custom Colors

The Custom Color COCOCOZY line brings together 12 amazing custom color choices, delivered in 90-days.

Designers already love our Capel domestic custom options that have been made easily accessible.

Chenille Creations, made in Troy, NC, offers up to 22 colors in many sizes and shapes.

Creative Concepts and Inspire rugs are customizable fabric bordered rugs from our Dalton, GA plant. We have rounds and runners, all simple and clean in beautiful designs.

New fabric borders and updated colors are available for Creative Concepts and Inspire this year.

Inspire offers a machine-tufted polyester/wool blend base and a nice complementary fabric border. Creative Concepts is an indoor/outdoor, bordered rug with a machine-tufted, high-performance olefin base. Fabric Borders come in solid, striped, floral, or patterned.

Why will designers especially love what you’ve done with the showroom?

Capel launched the new designer trade program this year. We wanted the showroom to reflect the needs of someone walking in here for inspiration, a place to spread out fabrics and photographs.

The response from designers has been overwhelming and positive.

Capel Rugs’ High Point Showroom

Market Square, Space 112 – 305 W. High Avenue -High Point, NC 27260

Bret Palmer, Manager

Tel: 336-882-8911 – Fax: 336-882-8955 –

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