At Capel we love bringing you the latest tips and trends to help you decorate your home in style. A rising color favorite that we’ve come to love—and know you will, too—is indigo, one of this year’s hottest hues.

That’s right, we said indigo—the mysterious color that isn’t quite blue or purple, and yet has elements of both. Traditionally, indigo is the color of devotion and wisdom, but it also represents the beauty of calm and dignity. It’s about maintaining harmony and finding a deeper level of consciousness. It’s inspirational while still giving off an old, familiar feeling, and you can incorporate it into your home with a number of amazing rugs from the Capel collections.

Hannah by Williamsburg for Capel RugsThe Hannah style rug is a contemporary rug design from Williamsburg and Capel Rugs. Beautifully woven from pure wool yarns, the Hannah rugs feature Capel’s loop hooked construction, which serves to create that heavier, warm, comfortable feel associated with the highest quality rugs.

Droplets from Kevin O'BrienThe Droplets Style is another quality wool, contemporary rug design, but this time from Capel’s Kevin O’Brien collection. What makes this design so captivating is the range of colors involved. With a central theme of indigo surrounded by lighter blues and darker purples, this piece can match any number of styles and absolutely makes a room.

The deep indigo colorway isn’t just for contemporary rugs. For those who prefer a more traditional rug, there’s the hand knotted Lotus style design from the Williamsburg collection. You can see how the classic border-style design focuses around a central motif. Sure to complete any room, this indigo-colored rug inspires with its intricate design and beauty.

Are you getting into indigo this year? Let us know what your indigo ideas are—we’d love to know how you’re incorporating this incredibly expressive colorway into your home.
Lotus Rugs by Williamsburg

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