At Capel, we’re loving the latest home décor trends that feature the vintage farm look. It’s such a great way to celebrate both the winter season and the approaching spring. And, of course, the textures and colorways fit with so many of the rugs in our collections—complementary colors like creamy whites, bark browns and enticing greens truly bring the outdoors in.

Cream Colored Rugs Check out the Ridgeway rug in Cream, which reflects a room’s natural light, creating a soft, transcendent effect. This easy, affordable decorating option is available in a total of twelve captivating colorways—we particularly love the fresh elegance of the Apple Green.

The Graphique Shadow Branch in Bark relays a tranquil, rustic feeling. Evoking an elegant woodland setting, this deceptively intricate rug works equally well as the centerpiece of a room or as an accessory to an overarching motif.

It’s all about texture with the Basketweave rug in Parchment or Garden Green. Basketweave is a Capel braided rug inspired by Williamsburg archival designs from the 18th century.  This casual rug features a traditional, warm palette in chenille with inset border. A modern version of an American classic, it’s a perfect example of how the rustic style combines the best elements of old and new.

We hope we’ve inspired you to think about ways to incorporate one of the season’s hottest trends into your home. Let us know what rug works best with your rustic décor!

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