Vertical or horizontal, bold or subtle, stripes make a one-of-a-kind impact. This linear pattern adds an unexpected visual appeal to a space, introducing a unique design element that enlivens everything in a room: walls, furniture, bedding, and, of course, area rugs.

As you think about decorating with such a stylized pattern, keep the following parameters in mind. While vertical stripes create an illusion of height when incorporating them on a wall or window treatment, horizontal stripes make a hallway feel longer, which creates a very compelling placement for a striped area rug. Another great design rule of thumb when choosing a stripe for a room is to base the width of the stripe on the overall proportions of the room. The larger the room, the wider the bands should be in order to make the strongest design statement.

The colors used in striped patterns can create any manner of different moods. Multicolored stripes, with a cheery and whimsical vibe, are perfect for kids’ rooms. For a more sophisticated look, use tonal stripes, which work well in more neutral or classic spaces.

Capel Rugs offers an amazing selection of striped area rugs for traditional or contemporary styles, for a refined look or a whimsical appeal. We’ve featured a few or our favorites below — we hope you’ll search our site and tell us what you think. What are some of your favorite ways to design with stripes?

Puhalo Stripe

The stripes in this flat woven rug by designer Genevieve Gorder convey the feeling of a beautifully simple handcrafted tapestry.

Mesmerize Stripe

Designer Kevin O’Brien creates a playful, loop hooked rug, which lends to a multitude of layering options with the vibrant color palette and varied stripe widths.


Skyline Shag

Three color-coordinated stripes of Skyline Shag collection fashion an eye-catching design with texture from the shag rug’s signature deep pile, a soft touch, and a plush appearance.

Cabana Stripes

The wide bands of the braided Cabana Stripes collection create a foundation for a bold design.


The bold, multi-colored stripes of Taffy are the perfect accent to a child’s room.

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