It’s a question homeowners have been confronted with for years – when selecting an area rug, do you go with solid color or pattern? With so many great style options in both categories, how do you choose?

One place to start is by taking a look at what’s already around. If there are a lot of patterns in the room from your upholstered furniture or window treatments, look for a rug with minimal, tonal pattern or a solid color. This will create a rich but subtle foundation for the space. Here are a few of our favorite area rugs that provide the perfect base for more complicated patterns.

On the other hand, if there is little or no pattern in your room and you want to introduce additional elements of color and texture, select an area rug with a striking pattern to serve as the focal point. Whether it’s a decorative, traditional-style rug, a classic motif from the Middle East or a modern take on a tribal design, the right pattern can transform any room. Take a look at a few of the designs we’re most excited about below:

Still can’t decide which is better for your room? Then avoid the choice altogether and get best of both worlds by layering your area rugs instead. Layering rugs is a recent trend in interior decorating that has established itself as one of the must-have looks. It combines a lush, updated sense of style with an amazing depth of design.

Start by creating a warm, inviting base with a single-colored rug. This will allow you to incorporate any color you would like in the layers to follow. Next, introduce a patterned rug, which will bring a sense of energy into the space. We suggest one of our contemporary rugs or transitional styles to add further color and rich textures while connecting your new vignette with the rest of the elements in the room.

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