There’s a lot to plan for as you prepare for college – classes, supplies,
roommates…and don’t forget about the all-important dorm décor! Of course you
need the basics: sheets, towels and blankets. Then you need the functional
items: laundry hamper, lamps and storage ottomans. And finally, you need the
personality – a style that says, “this space represents me!”

Vibrant colors and bold patterns are a great way to personalize your home away
from home. And the perfect way to incorporate that style and add cozy warmth to
a small space is with area rugs. They easily introduce color and texture into any
design, and will immediately brighten and transform any space.

Capel offers a great assortment of rugs that will give a sense of energy and
excitement to your dorm (and minimize the institutional feel). Here are a few
selections that feature great all-around combinations of style, function and

Opal – Handcrafted from cozy cotton chenille in soothing spa colors, Opal
is reversible for twice the wear.

Key West – Inspired by the festive atmosphere of Key West. The collection
is the perfect decorating solution for an extra pop of color.

Seabreeze – The design presents depth and texture to complement
a variety of design styles, while the construction makes this offering
exceptionally durable and easy to clean.

Grassy Island – A stunning neutral palette to complement both you and
your roommates discerning tastes!

Skyline Shag – Fashionable and functional, this collection adds texture
and visual interest to your room. And it’s stain-resistant, making it ideal for
high-traffic areas.

NY Dot – Fun and fresh, designer Genevieve Gorder’s artful designs
create a casual, eclectic look that enlivens any room.

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There aren’t many styles that can be both a quintessential classic and one of the hottest trends of the season, but that’s exactly how we feel about all of the great black-and-white designs we’ve been seeing. And Capel is right there when it comes to incorporating this essential style into your home, with striking new interpretations of this timeless colorway.

Formal yet modern, elegant but bold — these are the ideas at the heart of our newest designs in black and white. With area rugs that are simultaneously sophisticated and inviting, Capel is putting the latest runway trends to work for you. Whether it’s finding the right base to suit the rest of a room’s decor, or locating that look which will work perfectly as a centerpiece, we’ve got exactly what you need to get in on one of the hottest trends of this season…or any season!

Genevieve Gorder’s one-of-a-kind designs are always captivating — and her Moor collection for Capel is no different. Taking its cue from the breathtaking patterns used in traditional Middle Eastern rugmaking, the Moor collection takes typical forms and brings them into a twenty-first century context. The stunning Kettle colorway, in particular, captures the classic-yet-modern mood that the entire collection evokes.

Combining the elegance of a black-tie affair with a color-block approach reminiscent of a Rothko painting, the tuxedo colorway from our Cabana Stripes collection is one of our most intriguing designs. Designed for indoor or outdoor use and intended to blend perfectly with other outdoor fabrics, this braided rug truly represents the spirit of the Capel Anywhere™ idea.

With high-quality wool and loop hooked construction that embody Capel’s industry leading craftsmanship, the Hannah collection from Williamsburg® contains one of our most popular contemporary rugs. The ebony colorway from this collection is an especially compelling style, with its nature-inspired motifs dramatically set in a big-city color scheme.

We hope the rugs we’ve featured here inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us. And take a look at our entire collection of area rugs that feature the black-and-white color scheme here. Take a look around and revel in designing with black and white…the one style that never goes out of style.

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At Capel, we’ve been making braided rugs that represent the best of American style and craftsmanship since 1917 — three generations of timeless designs that present heirloom traditions in a modern manner. And in the spirit of the 4th of July, we’re proud to say that our line of American Original™ braided rugs are 100% made in the USA.

From starting the spinning process with the finest quality yarns to shipping the finished rugs to markets around the world, Capel works on a vertical model: we control every step of the process so we know we’re bringing you the best. At our factory in Troy, NC, where our braided rugs are woven, we use wool, cotton and performance-blend fibers to create an array of rugs perfect for any design. Durable yet plush, elegant yet inviting, these rugs exhibit the quality and look of the handcrafted process Capel embodies. That’s what we call made in the USA.

Take a look at how we craft our original braided rugs here. And below, we’ve featured just a few of the inspiring rugs that we feel are true American classics.

Our unique manufacturing process gives these Chenille Creations rugs an incredibly soft finish, while still allowing them to resist wear and serve as a room’s focal point for years to come.

The Americana collection is a line of casual wool rugs that uses the exciting new Microbraid technique, resulting in an amazing depth of color.

Some of our most refined finishing details are on display in the dynamic Creative Concepts collection. Available to suit indoor or outdoor spaces, the variety of colors and textures you can introduce are endless.

We hope you’ll take a look at our entire collection of braided rugs, and take pride, like we do, in knowing they’re hand-constructed in the USA.

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This summer, it’s anchors away! From the runway to the living room, the nautical theme is hot – and designers and homeowners are creating crisp, classic looks with bold maritime palettes and patterns.

The nautical color scheme is an essential aspect of this striking style, with blues that range from deep midnight hues to the lighter shades of summer skies. Stripes and flag-inspired patterns provide depth and texture, while accessories such as rope, driftwood, shells and sand can further suggest the interplay of ship and shore.

A great way to capture this look is by incorporating area rugs into your décor. Capel Rugs is on trend with a number of collections – Regatta, Sailor Boy, Karma Naturals and Weatherwise.

Regatta is one of the newest additions to Capel’s American Originals. The assortment is redolent of old naval flags with an attractive mixture of contrasting yet complementary colors including red, blue, green and yellow.

Regatta - Nautical

The Sailor Boy collection combines tranquil blues and greens for a fun interpretation of water and sky, giving any room a relaxing sense of a day spent by the water.

Sailor Boy - Sea Monster

Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen call to mind sophisticated and refreshing sunny summer days. The same look can be achieved through our Karma Naturals collection (composed of eco-friendly, sustainable jute and hemp yarns) or Weatherwise (part of the Capel Anywhere™ indoor/outdoor collection).

Karma Naturals - Loop

Weatherwise - Sisal

Evoke the spirit of the high seas and all its sense of summer adventure through these inspiring area rugs.

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At Capel, one of our favorite words is colorway. It means the scheme in which a design is available. It also lends to telling a story, evoking the way color creates mood in a room. It symbolizes a journey. Because it’s not just about picking out what color is best for a room — it’s about finding the right base to build your ideas around. It’s about exploring connections between colors with layers and arrangement, creating movement and warmth through transitions and complements and contrast. That’s why we’re so excited about the depth and range of colorways in the area rugs from our latest collections. We hope they’ll inspire bold color narratives in your next design plans.

Another thing we love about designing with area rugs is the ease and flexibility. Change the colors of a space with the seasons without ever worrying about taping or scraping or any of that. And it’s a great option for spaces like a dorm room or apartment that may not be feasible to repaint. Bring color into your own home in a luxurious and inviting way with one of the area rugs we’ve highlighted below, or take a look at our entire collection here.

Genevieve Gorder Collection: Count on Genevieve Gorder and her unique design approach to combine dynamic color schemes with some of the world’s most iconic and celebrated motifs — classic themes in a twenty-first century context.


Royalty: Our Royalty collection presents deep, layered tones, creating a kind of livable mosaic of color and texture that brings an inspiring yet soothing element to a room.

Ridgeway: The Ridgeway area rugs are an entirely new collection of solid-color rugs, available in a wide spectrum of compelling colors. These rugs are perfect for establishing a base for your design choices and the bright colors are great for spaces for kids.

Pow Wow: Available in Olive or Persimmon or Indigo, the Pow Wow rugs present some of our most bold colorways. Vivid and lush, these rugs stand out in any room while still maintaining a complementary quality.


Florentine: A classic flamestitch pattern rendered in contemporary colors gives the rugs in the Florentine Collection a modern feel that’s both cool and inviting.

Chenille Creations: With 18 designer colors – create an amazingly plush, custom-made braided rug. The reversible design ensures you’ll be able to incorporate them in your designs for years to come.

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Grab your passport and update your room with international style!

Modern interpretations of heirloom traditions. Rugs that invite us into the past while transforming the present. That’s how we’re describing Genevieve Gorder’s latest additions to her line of Capel flat woven area rugs. Genevieve applies her wide-ranging influences into four trend-setting contemporary designs: Sno, Moor, Tribe and NY Dot

Bold, bright, global – we love these new designs. Here’s a quick introduction to the new collections, as well as some of Genevieve’s thought processes and inspirations. We hope you’ll take a look around!

Sno: Inspired by the traditional needlework of Norway, the Sno collection is a “Scandinavian homage to the mandala,” creating a conversation across centuries and continents with its bold, impactful pattern.

Moor: Genevieve cites the “dizzying and romantic intersection of curves and patterns” found throughout the Middle East as the inspiration for this lattice pattern that embodies the spirit of spring.

Tribe: Using the elemental designs that are found across the world, the Tribe collection emphasizes the connections between the patterns created by different indigenous cultures. “These patterns are used from Uzbekistan to the Great Plains,” says Genevieve. “We wanted to mix these common shapes to create something new.”

NY Dot: According to Genevieve, “we found this amazing pattern in the NY subway, rectangles stacked together to form a circle.” The result of that inspiration is the NY Dot collection, a true embodiment of the creative spirit of New York.

These new collections provide a compelling base for your design ideas and are available in numerous colorways to complement any décor.

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Pinterest is quickly becoming the place to go for great home ideas, so of course we had to get in on the action! We’ve been pinning like crazy, building our boards and seeing what some of our favorite companies and designers are doing. It’s so much fun sharing ideas and decorating tips and hearing directly from the people who are using these products.

We pride ourselves on creating on-trend collections that are often inspired by our travels, the latest runway fashions or a statement-making piece of jewelry. That’s why it’s so great to see a social platform dedicated to visually sharing ideas that can have such an influence on the decorating world. We love that our collections are often the foundation for great designs and now this forum can help our clients share those successes.

Our page has all manner of great products and conversations — a couple of our favorite boards to pin to are “Pitter Patter” (because it’s just so cute!) and “Made in the USA,” which shows the classic side of the Capel tradition.

We’re thinking up new ideas for boards and creative ways to incorporate our rugs into home décor everyday. So make sure to stop by and follow us at pinterest.com/capelrugs. Happy Pinning!

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A beautiful, hand knotted rug is a timeless and luxurious symbol of the connection between function and art, between a space and the people who inhabit it. Part of what adds to the timeless aspect of these rugs is their durability; with proper care, a hand knotted rug can be a color-compelling base for design ideas for years, and generations, to come.

Rug makers have long counted on the stain-resistant qualities of wool to craft rugs that are naturally durable, as the oils in the wool fibers keep dirt and debris from becoming easily attached to the rug. Even so, the following three steps are crucial to maintaining a long-lasting vibrant look.

Placing top-quality padding under your hand knotted area rug cushions the rug and prevents it from rubbing against the solid surface it covers. In addition, it provides another layer of protection from dirt below. Padding also provides comfort underfoot and prevents sliding on smooth floors.

Vacuuming and Sweeping:
Sand, grit and dust can work down to the base of the pile where abrasive action damages the wool fibers. Vacuuming daily is a great way to keep particles from settling into the pile, especially in high traffic areas. Sweeping the rug with a broom at least once a week removes loose soil and brings out its natural sheen.

Note: A vacuum’s beater brush removes a small amount of pile with each use and can quickly destroy fringe, so always be cautious when vacuuming around the edges of the rug.

To ensure that your rug wears evenly, rotate its position on the floor. Rotate your rug 180 degrees every six months to two years, depending on the location and foot traffic your rug is exposed to.

If your rug is new, expect some shedding at first. This is a natural process and the shedding will subside after a few months of regular use and care.

This routine maintenance will help the rug to maintain all its vibrancy and color, creating an enduring legacy of enjoyment and style.

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We’ve continued our trend-setting ways with our new introductions at this year’s High Point Market. These compelling new designs feature the kind of lush color palettes that reflect our new style point of view™.

Market attendees were impressed with our striking uses of color and offered really enthusiastic feedback for our new braided collections, import introductions (including Eminence) and designer additions.

Behind the Scenes with Genevieve and a sneak peek at the new collection

Genevieve Gorder, herself, was in attendance to unveil her four new Capel collections – Moor, NY Dot, Sno and Tribe. Market Style Spotters, Jamie Meares and Mat Sanders, tagged two of Genevieve’s new collections as a favorite look and on-trend product – Sno in the Peony colorway and NY Dot in Oslo Grey.

NY Dot in Day Glow and Snow in Peony

We also received endless complements from our eye-catching showroom vignettes that told trend stories through layering, arrangement and hue, which we hope will inspire showrooms and homes across the country to create bold color narratives.

Thanks to all who stopped by during the Market and shared in the excitement for our latest collections!

Moor in Pigeon and NY Dot in Oslo Grey
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Now that spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, let the Capel Anywhere collection bring comfort and style to your patio or porch.

We’ve been leading the way in this new direction of home furnishings since we became the first company to market outdoor rugs—and we’ve kept on designing and innovating ever since!

Imagine bringing the textures and designs of Capel Rugs to your favorite outdoor areas, with the low maintenance and weather resistance that are standard in our indoor/outdoor collection. Our Capel Anywhere rugs are also ideal for any high-traffic areas such as entryways and kitchens.

Many of our outdoor selections are available in custom sizes. Our Creative Concepts bordered rug designs allow you to choose your own custom border fabrics, creating a look that’s both stylish and durable.

A few indoor/outdoor rugs we love:


This high-quality indoor/outdoor rug is machine-woven from 100% Olefin. Weatherwise is available in cocoa and sisal, two new exciting colorways that add to our extensive collection of brown and beige area rugs.


The Hammock style is a bordered rug design that utilizes braided construction to create a rich, textured look. Available in custom sizes, this cross sewn rectangle design is a perfect fit for a variety of spaces. Make sure to check out our new grey taupe design, which is one of our hottest trending items this season.

Fresh Air

The Fresh Air collection presents a unique series of machine-woven rugs available in a variety of colors and shapes. These elegant designs are paired with rugged quality to create a rustic style that works equally well on the porch or as the centerpiece of a room.


A casual rug designed for indoor/outdoor use, the Woodrun collection is offered in a variety of fresh colors that feature solid or heathered yarns and are also available in a number of different shapes and custom sizes. The braided construction won’t shrink and is so durable that, when necessary, you can just hose this rug off and hang it in the sun to dry.

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