Cindy Green, Capel Rugs

Cindy Green joined Capel Rugs this fall to fill a new position that touches almost every aspect of our company, from domestic and import product design and development to sales.

We feel like Cindy’s been grooming for this job her whole life. She’s been a fabric designer for 26 years, working as a stylist and print designer for Culp Home Fashions and then as the first designer hired by Global Textile Alliance. Cindy has been involved with the Color Marketing Group for 12 years, currently serving as a member of the board of directors and vice chair of the North American ChromaZones.

She says, “Many years involved in textile design made a move to Capel Rugs an easy transition. I understand fibers, color, and dyes. My work has often included customer presentations on color and trend research.”

Color Marketing Group International Symposium 2017

Color Marketing Group International Symposium 2017

New designs and color patterns for Capel Rugs

As one of the people forecasting color trends all over the world, Cindy has got lots of ideas for helping Capel create rugs that resonate.  She has an exceptional eye for emerging fashion trends. Her experience with fabric is an asset because at Capel we are always looking at ways to develop new lines that excite our customers.

She’s already jumping in to provide design and creative input for all product lines: Capel, proprietary, licensed, and import.

When Cindy came on board, we were at the end of development for the Anthony Baratta lines. She helped coordinate the solid braids with loop pile inserts and much more.

Expect to see new and interesting “twists” within our braid lines resulting from Cindy’s inspiration.

We told her to create and have fun with colors and fibers. She’s wasted no time. There’s development of new yarn systems for our domestic products underway. Also, her ideas include new expressions with chenille, indoor/outdoor polys, and color combinations.

Capel Rugs Friends

Capel Rugs Friends

A sneak peek at 2019 color forecasting

Cindy just returned from the Color Marketing Group’s International Summit. As a member of the board, she’s a part of announcing trend expectations all over the world. While she can’t  reveal what’s coming from Color Market, she says, “I expect at Capel we’ll work on introducing a new niche with cream, beige, and grey and a warming of grey into taupe.”

And what about blue?

“Blue remains popular, but we see a yellowing influence that results in teal. Right now, there’s so much navy, indigo, and denim, but there’s a blue shift coming,” says Cindy.

In terms of how she predicts color, Cindy says, “I pay attention to what’s going on in the world – movies, politics, fashion, just everything in general. When I’m out shopping, I notice colors. Of course, I read a lot of shelter magazines such as Elle Décor and fashion magazines like W.”

Cindy Green and Ron Capel with friends at Color Market Group Symposium

Cindy Green and Ron Capel with friends at Color Market Group Symposium

Settling in at Capel Rugs in Troy, North Carolina

She’s learning her way around Troy, North Carolina and our Capel headquarters at the best time of year. We just had our big Thanksgiving Day meal with all employees, and Christmas is a festive time as we slow down just a little before heading out to the wonderful winter show season, beginning with AmericasMart and Las Vegas Market in January.

“I learn something new every day from amazing people with incredible knowledge and skill. I met a woman whose mother worked here as a trainer to the sewers. She’d planned to stay for one year, that was 44 years ago. I already see why people stay with Capel and why the rugs made here are so enduring,” said Cindy.

We are grateful to have Cindy onboard and look forward to exciting new developments with braids, fabrics, colors, and much more.


Posted on by Cameron Capel