The Fourth of July sparks an air of patriotism as we celebrate Independence Day. It is a time to eat barbecue and watch fireworks with family, and also a time to honor the craftsmanship of American made products. Braided, American-made rugs are where it all started for Capel in 1917. Today, Capel Rugs is still invested in the craft of making American goods.

Here are a few of our American favorites that will amplify the patriotic spirit in your home.


The American Pride braided wall hanging is the ultimate patriotic addition for the Fourth and makes a striking statement in the foyer. Braided area rugs can be constructed in a variety of different ways depending on desired look and materials used. However, all Capel braided rugs are crafted for quality or durability using our own premium fibers to last, as yarn or fabric is braided to form a continuous rope.


A Capel braided rug, such as our Bear Creek rug in Grey, just says classic American rug. But, the range of all rugs today show that Americans are innovative and progressive, and we are always looking for new ways to make creative and useful products.


Creative Concepts is a border rug program that allows you to design your own machine woven rug from more than 120 fabric borders to create a custom look that is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. This gives the customers the freedom to produce unique and truly personal area rugs. And the best part? These rugs are all made in America!

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