The passion for pink has become one of the biggest trends in recent years, popping up everywhere from fashion to advertising. All of this got us thinking about all the ways pink can work as part of your home’s décor, especially the way the various tones and shades of this perky color evoke a wide range of moods when incorporated into the home. Deeper shades of pink convey feminine sophistication, hot pink is bold and sassy, and a blush pink presents a neutral nod to the color trend.

With so many variations, it’s easy to find a shade that works with any room or design styles. From bedrooms to kitchens, from accents to primary themes, pink is a perfect palette for any space.

Capel Rugs has you covered when it comes to pink perfection…take a look at some of our favorite rugs below:

Uzbek in Blush

Spring Bouquet in Azalea

Snø in Peony

Taffy in Hot Pink

Ridgeway in Petal Pink

Check out our Pinterest board “Pink Passion” and discover some of our favorite ways pink is incorporated into homes –

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