With Fall right around the corner and Back-to-School mode in full swing, it’s a great time of year to get kids excited about revamping their rooms! Starting a new year, getting back into the school routine, doing homework, hanging out with friends… as the daylight hours become shorter, the kids will be spending more and more time inside — whether studying or playing. So take advantage of this opportunity to find the perfect décor to inspire your kids with some of the ideas (and great Capel rugs!) we’ve featured below.

As you think about new ways to arrange your child’s room, a couple of key areas to consider are zoning and organization.

Define your child’s space by creating zones, such as a reading or study area, a play area, a dressing area and (of course) the sleeping area. Area rugs from the Capel Kidz collection are a great way to visually define these zones, while also incorporating bright colors, texture and warmth to the room.

Our Cutting Garden designs are vibrant, braided rugs that energize any space. We’ve highlighted our classic buttercup colorway here:

The casual, cotton design of our Taffy rugs creates a playful mood that’s perfect for a kid’s room:

The Ridgeway collection is an assortment of solid-color rugs, available in array of colors. These rugs are perfect for establishing a base for your design choices and the bright colors are ideal for kids:

By providing sufficient storage for each zone, you can make it easy for your child to find things and (perhaps more importantly) put them all away. Shelves and baskets are a great way to encourage cleaning up after all the fun is done. Capel’s braided baskets are a stylish and durable way to store toys, blankets or just about anything else that might be piling up on floors and furniture.

Start this school year with an A+ in style and organization and make life easier and more fun for the whole family.

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