There’s a lot to plan for as you prepare for college – classes, supplies,
roommates…and don’t forget about the all-important dorm décor! Of course you
need the basics: sheets, towels and blankets. Then you need the functional
items: laundry hamper, lamps and storage ottomans. And finally, you need the
personality – a style that says, “this space represents me!”

Vibrant colors and bold patterns are a great way to personalize your home away
from home. And the perfect way to incorporate that style and add cozy warmth to
a small space is with area rugs. They easily introduce color and texture into any
design, and will immediately brighten and transform any space.

Capel offers a great assortment of rugs that will give a sense of energy and
excitement to your dorm (and minimize the institutional feel). Here are a few
selections that feature great all-around combinations of style, function and

Opal – Handcrafted from cozy cotton chenille in soothing spa colors, Opal
is reversible for twice the wear.

Key West – Inspired by the festive atmosphere of Key West. The collection
is the perfect decorating solution for an extra pop of color.

Seabreeze – The design presents depth and texture to complement
a variety of design styles, while the construction makes this offering
exceptionally durable and easy to clean.

Grassy Island – A stunning neutral palette to complement both you and
your roommates discerning tastes!

Skyline Shag – Fashionable and functional, this collection adds texture
and visual interest to your room. And it’s stain-resistant, making it ideal for
high-traffic areas.

NY Dot – Fun and fresh, designer Genevieve Gorder’s artful designs
create a casual, eclectic look that enlivens any room.

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