This summer, it’s anchors away! From the runway to the living room, the nautical theme is hot – and designers and homeowners are creating crisp, classic looks with bold maritime palettes and patterns.

The nautical color scheme is an essential aspect of this striking style, with blues that range from deep midnight hues to the lighter shades of summer skies. Stripes and flag-inspired patterns provide depth and texture, while accessories such as rope, driftwood, shells and sand can further suggest the interplay of ship and shore.

A great way to capture this look is by incorporating area rugs into your décor. Capel Rugs is on trend with a number of collections – Regatta, Sailor Boy, Karma Naturals and Weatherwise.

Regatta is one of the newest additions to Capel’s American Originals. The assortment is redolent of old naval flags with an attractive mixture of contrasting yet complementary colors including red, blue, green and yellow.

Regatta - Nautical

The Sailor Boy collection combines tranquil blues and greens for a fun interpretation of water and sky, giving any room a relaxing sense of a day spent by the water.

Sailor Boy - Sea Monster

Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen call to mind sophisticated and refreshing sunny summer days. The same look can be achieved through our Karma Naturals collection (composed of eco-friendly, sustainable jute and hemp yarns) or Weatherwise (part of the Capel Anywhere™ indoor/outdoor collection).

Karma Naturals - Loop

Weatherwise - Sisal

Evoke the spirit of the high seas and all its sense of summer adventure through these inspiring area rugs.

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