At Capel, one of our favorite words is colorway. It means the scheme in which a design is available. It also lends to telling a story, evoking the way color creates mood in a room. It symbolizes a journey. Because it’s not just about picking out what color is best for a room — it’s about finding the right base to build your ideas around. It’s about exploring connections between colors with layers and arrangement, creating movement and warmth through transitions and complements and contrast. That’s why we’re so excited about the depth and range of colorways in the area rugs from our latest collections. We hope they’ll inspire bold color narratives in your next design plans.

Another thing we love about designing with area rugs is the ease and flexibility. Change the colors of a space with the seasons without ever worrying about taping or scraping or any of that. And it’s a great option for spaces like a dorm room or apartment that may not be feasible to repaint. Bring color into your own home in a luxurious and inviting way with one of the area rugs we’ve highlighted below, or take a look at our entire collection here.

Genevieve Gorder Collection: Count on Genevieve Gorder and her unique design approach to combine dynamic color schemes with some of the world’s most iconic and celebrated motifs — classic themes in a twenty-first century context.


Royalty: Our Royalty collection presents deep, layered tones, creating a kind of livable mosaic of color and texture that brings an inspiring yet soothing element to a room.

Ridgeway: The Ridgeway area rugs are an entirely new collection of solid-color rugs, available in a wide spectrum of compelling colors. These rugs are perfect for establishing a base for your design choices and the bright colors are great for spaces for kids.

Pow Wow: Available in Olive or Persimmon or Indigo, the Pow Wow rugs present some of our most bold colorways. Vivid and lush, these rugs stand out in any room while still maintaining a complementary quality.


Florentine: A classic flamestitch pattern rendered in contemporary colors gives the rugs in the Florentine Collection a modern feel that’s both cool and inviting.

Chenille Creations: With 18 designer colors – create an amazingly plush, custom-made braided rug. The reversible design ensures you’ll be able to incorporate them in your designs for years to come.

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