Grab your passport and update your room with international style!

Modern interpretations of heirloom traditions. Rugs that invite us into the past while transforming the present. That’s how we’re describing Genevieve Gorder’s latest additions to her line of Capel flat woven area rugs. Genevieve applies her wide-ranging influences into four trend-setting contemporary designs: Sno, Moor, Tribe and NY Dot

Bold, bright, global – we love these new designs. Here’s a quick introduction to the new collections, as well as some of Genevieve’s thought processes and inspirations. We hope you’ll take a look around!

Sno: Inspired by the traditional needlework of Norway, the Sno collection is a “Scandinavian homage to the mandala,” creating a conversation across centuries and continents with its bold, impactful pattern.

Moor: Genevieve cites the “dizzying and romantic intersection of curves and patterns” found throughout the Middle East as the inspiration for this lattice pattern that embodies the spirit of spring.

Tribe: Using the elemental designs that are found across the world, the Tribe collection emphasizes the connections between the patterns created by different indigenous cultures. “These patterns are used from Uzbekistan to the Great Plains,” says Genevieve. “We wanted to mix these common shapes to create something new.”

NY Dot: According to Genevieve, “we found this amazing pattern in the NY subway, rectangles stacked together to form a circle.” The result of that inspiration is the NY Dot collection, a true embodiment of the creative spirit of New York.

These new collections provide a compelling base for your design ideas and are available in numerous colorways to complement any décor.

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