It’s March and the week of St. Patrick’s Day, so what better time to explore using the color green? Bight, cheery and refreshing, this color evokes the true essence of the season.

Expert Design Tip — To incorporate a striking burst of green, designers recommend choosing a rug, which provides an endless array of options. It is an affordable design accent and can be easily moved when you’re looking to refresh a room. Choose a rug style with multiple shades of green so it will better coordinate with a variety of your existing furnishing and accessories.

Peaceful and rejuvenating, green is the most restful color to the eye, making it the perfect color for the bedroom or den.

Discover some refreshing selections from our collections.

Arabella in Spring Green

Arabella, a new collection for Williamsburg®, is a fresh take on an 18th century ogee design. This stunning, hand knotted rug creates a distinct style by looking to the past to fashion an accessory that meets today’s decor trends.

Florentine in Citron

Combining a classic flame stitch with contemporary color, Florentine is inspired by a Williamsburg® textile, providing cool coverage and an updated vibe.

Uzbek in Emerald

The indigenous patterns from the east are contagious, folky and powerful. This rug from Genevieve Gorder presents familiar woven wonders while pushing its patterning to the next level.


Persian Trace in Jade

Intricately hand knotted antique rug patterns weave their way through fashionable field colors creating a unique decorating statement.

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