Whether it’s for creative play or curled up reading a book, kids spend a lot of time on their floor. That’s why, when decorating a child’s room, the floor is the most significant surface, allowing you to create an ambiance for exploration or quiet reflection or just a space for relaxing with their friends.

Capel Kidz collections are both functional and fashionable. They provide a soft surface for play and muffle sound, while bringing energy and warmth to a room. These area rugs can define various spaces within a larger room, distinguishing areas for rest and areas for play. From a design perspective, color and texture are important elements for polishing a room’s décor and an area rug is a great way to incorporate bold colors and rich textures into a child’s space.

Spark your child’s sense of adventure with our line of Sailor Boy rug – accentuate a jungle motif with Parrot or take the plunge with an ocean-themed decor accented by Sea Monster or Deep Blue Sea.

Sea Monster - Cross Sewn Rectangle

Our Cutting Garden rug is the perfect piece to accompany tea parties or princesses in their castles; the cool pastels of Tea Rose, Buttercup and Blue Bell invoke the magic of a springtime garden.

Tea Rose - Round

Regardless of the pattern, Capel Kidz rugs provide the perfect environment for a child’s imagination to run wild. These comfortable creations are constructed of quality materials for durability that children will never outgrow.

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