Choosing the right rug for your room can be a daunting task.  Not only are there tremendous styles and colors to choose from but materials and sizes as well. The following tips can make the process less intimidating and ensure a confident selection.

First, measure the entire room. Then translate your measurements into a design plan by sketching your room on paper to get a feel of the space. The type of room and furniture placement will also impact what size rug you should consider. It is important to include furniture placement in your space sketch. Having a visual representation can be a great resource for envisioning the design components working together.

Also consider the function of the room – your flooring needs will vary if you’re selecting a rug for the dining room, living room or an entry hall.

Dining room

When selecting an area rug for the dining room, you need to measure the length and width of your table, adding 1’6″ per chair to your measurement to avoid getting them caught on the edge of the rug when you are seated.

Living and Great room

Decide if you want a room size rug or smaller rug(s) to incorporate into the space. If the furniture is floating in the room (placed several feet away from the walls), consider selecting a rug size that allows each piece of furniture to either be completely on or off the rug. If the furniture is placed around the walls, consider a rug size that can be placed just under the front of the piece, like our Flair rug (shown above). Design tip: if you want the room to feel larger, select an area rug that will leave a boarder around the perimeter of the space.

Entrances, hallways and stairs

An area rug placed by an entrance, hallway and stairwell, protects the floor while enhancing the decor. Consider purchasing a rug that is constructed of materials that can handle the high traffic of these busy thoroughfares. If there is a hallway off the entrance you may consider a runner.

Apply these tips before you shop for your next area rug and your room will be both fashionable and functional.

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