Grey gets a bad reputation. It’s been called plain, dreary, boring, sad, etc. We’re here to set the record straight: Grey is fabulous! And it’s making a comeback.

Our Chill Out Rug in Grey is a perfect example. One of our newest rugs, it will offer a unique dose of color to any room that needs a quick update. Its steel tone will make any home look like it was designed in 2012 no matter what the original date of construction may be.

Our Droplets Rug in Smoke exhibits a lighter shade of grey that introduces a pop of shine to illuminate even the darkest of rooms.

The Picnic Stripe Rug in Pale Grey is another new member of the Capel Rugs family that takes the “glum” right out of grey. This rug combines grey and blue hues for a unique spin on this versatile and often ignored color.

The geometric pattern of Arabsque by Designer Genevieve Gorder is stunning in Oslo Gray. Reflecting the classic Middle East and North Africa mosaic tile patterns, this shade is a vibrant foundation to build any room design.

Give this underestimated hue a go. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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