Area rugs are a quick way to add color and style to a room. Braided rugs are one of the most versatile types of rug design. Creating visual interest through interwoven designs, these timeless accent pieces are available in an infinite assortment of colors, traditional and unique shapes, and solid, striped or variegated patterns. Braided rugs are generally associated with country or rustic style décor. Today, the multitude of colors and patterns complement numerous design styles.

Shape-up your room

Oval –  The traditional shape associated with braided rugs and most popular is oval. The Cambridge collection (shown below in Smoke Taupe) combines jewel tones for a timeless statement.

Round –  Evoking an authentic, handcrafted feel, round rugs (like Somewhere In Time, shown in Ella’s Rooster ) are a great way to define a space and group a furniture set like a dining table and chairs.

Rectangle – The rectangle shape offers a more contemporary appearance. Basketweave, part of the Williamsburg collection by Capel (shown in Candlelight), is a casual complement to any room.

Tailored– This unique style, used in our Salt Marsh collection (shown below in Spa), is a combination of the rectangle and oval styles.

Perfect Patterns

Vertical Stripe – A vertical stripe deign on a rug like the Hampton collection (shown in Denim Stripe), gives the illusion of length in a space.

Cross Sewn – This design mimics the look of a hand-loomed rug. Sewn in a horizontal direction the pattern (like the Cabana Stripes collection, shown in tuxedo) provides a chic contemporary style.

Concentric Rectangle – Fashioned to complement traditional and contemporary design styles, the unique placement of color gives a shadow box effect. Ombre, a Kevin O’Brien design (shown in Sky, below), reflects soothing nature-inspire tones for a stylish and sophisticated look.

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