OK, when it comes to rugs looks do matter. We are often attracted to an area rug based on the color or pattern. Capel Rugs offers a vast selection of stunning styles in a palette of colorways.  However, knowing the construction of a rug will help you understand how the rug will best perform in particular areas of the home.  It is important to note, that all construction methods yield quality products.

Braided Rugs

Braided rugs are constructed of yarn or fabric that is braided to form a continuous rope or braid. The braids are then sewn in a spiral to form a reversible rug. Braided rugs, including Capel’s Copperidge collection, are easy to care for and offer maximum durability and comfort.


Hand Knotted Rugs

Highly skilled weavers in India and China who are experienced at hand knotting traditional, contemporary and transitional patterns meticulously handcraft each hand knotted area rug. This is a labor-intensive process but produces a durable work of art (like the handsome Barrister rugs) that can be passed down through generations.

Flat Woven Rugs

Flat woven rugs, like the geometric Arabesque by designer Genevieve Gorder, do not contain knots. Loomed by hand, these rugs are crafted with a low pile for maximum comfort and durability. A dhurrie is a flat woven rug usually made of cotton or wool in India using the warp-sharing, kelim method.


Hand Tufted Rugs

Characterized by their plush feel and durability, hand tufted rugs are created by punching yarn through a printed cloth that is stretched over a support frame. Once removed from the loom, a layer of latex is added to the backside to hold the yarn in place, and then covered with a cloth backing to protect the underlying floor. These rugs, including the Monteclair collection, are sure to stand the test of time, making them instant family heirlooms.

Machine Woven Rugs

As you might suspect, machine made rugs (like our Castaway rug) are woven by machinery, which results in a uniform style and quickly produced. They are constructed from synthetic materials that are stain resistant and impervious to mildew. Natural fibers like cotton and wool can be incorporated. This process also yields a wide range of colors and styles.

Natural Rugs

Constructed using the highest quality recycled and sustainable fibers (like bamboo, hemp, jute, cotton and wool) and dyes, Capel’s unique collection of rugs, including Karma Naturals Mosaic, fuses exceptional quality and design with earth-friendly ideals.

Loop Hooked Rugs

Loops hooked rugs (shown above) are made by pushing loops of yarn by hand through a canvas foundation to the front of the rug, then pulling the ends of the yarn back to create a loop on the surface. A heavy cotton twill backing secures the yarn ends and protects the floor beneath. The result is a handcrafted look that adds texture and instant warmth to any room (like designer Kevin O’Brien’s Droplets collection shown in poppy and grass) and is sure to look good for years to come.

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