We layer our clothes. We layer our blankets. We layer almost anything possible in the cold season just to absorb every bit of heat available. So what can we do to warm-up our homes without causing our heating bills to rise?  Layer the rugs!

Layering rugs is a new trend in interior decorating that has established itself as the must-have look of the year. It’s the perfect way to warm up the outdated style you may be looking to get rid of.

When layering rugs, keep a few things in mind:

Take risks in using multiple colors and textures, but make sure that they work together and connect with the furniture in the room.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate multiple shapes and sizes of rugs – in fact, this is encouraged!

Finally, use this technique as a way to add your own personal touch to a room and create flooring that is exclusive to your home.

To create a base for your project, we suggest starting with a single-colored rug.  This will allow you to incorporate any color you would like in the layers to follow. Our cozy Cardigan Rug comes in various neutral shades such as Charcoal and Flannel that would be ideal as a starting point.  Other solid color options are available in our First Impressions Rug and Lariat Rug.

Adding a patterned rug is the next step in creating a layered masterpiece.  One of our contemporary rugs will do the trick by adding vibrant color and soft texture. We love the Droplets Rug by Kevin O’Brien, or our Crystalle Collage Rug in Multi.

So be bold and get your layering on! We’re sure to have the perfect combination of rugs for you to create your floor masterpiece.

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