September 23. That’s when it began. It was the first day of Fall — and the first day of one of our favorite seasons here at Capel! Don’t get us wrong, we love ‘em all, but there’s just something about the colors, crisp air and flavors associated with this particular season that make it a sensory delight.

When you think fall, you probably think pumpkin spice lattes, buttoned up jackets and falling leaves in an array of colors. Luckily, we think in like terms, specifically the season’s notable palette. We’ve got some rugs that are perfect if you’re in an autumnal state of mind.

It’s a trademark color of Fall. Everyone knows the season has really come when the leaves start to change and scatter across the ground in this rich hue. Drawing inspiration, we have several red rugs to pay homage to nature’s seasonal brilliance. One of our favorites is the Countryside Rug in Barn Star Red or Rustic Red. The deep, rich red hue of this rug is perfect for giving your home a pop of seasonal color.

Gold and Brown
As Autumn arrives, so does crisp, chilly air — the perfect time to throw some kindling into the fireplace and set it ablaze, then curl up with some hot apple cider and enjoy a cozy little fire. We’ve got rugs to recreate the rustic deep browns of firewood and golds to mimic the licking flames to represent one of our most favorite, relaxing activities.

Nothing mimics the rustic deep browns of firewood like our First Impressions Rug in Wood Ash. For a softer brown hue, it’s also great in Maple.

One of the best parts of building a fire is to be mesmerized by the golden flames flickering in the air. Our Gramercy Rug in Gold captures the glow of the fire and makes it the perfect way to bring some Fall feel to your floor.

If Fall had an official color, we’d bet anything it’s Orange. Pumpkins, pies, candy corn — some of the very best things about the season have this color in common. Our Basketweave Rug in Cinnabar Honey is perfect for a more subtle way to work in this hue, but if you’re looking for something a little brighter, the Orchard House in Persimmon is your answer.

Fall’s such a fun season. So carve some pumpkins, drink some apple cider, jump in a pile of leaves and, as always, enjoy Capel Rugs!

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