It can warm you up, or it can wake you up. It’s perfect with eggs and bacon at breakfast or with dessert after dinner. Coffee’s a universally beloved beverage and with that rich color it’s just as versatile to design with as it is to drink. It’s no wonder we’ve drawn inspiration from a freshly brewed pot.

We have several rugs that fall in the rich, dark brown colorway.  And just like a barista serving up several different varieties, we’ve got different colors and styles that are fit for any coffee-lovers caffeinated soul.

For those who like theirs served straight up, or a double shot, our Filigree Rug in Espresso is bold and rich, making it the perfect blend of classy and functional. A color like this can go with anything. We love pairing it with accents of spunky colors like pinks and blues.

If you prefer a little cream in your coffee, the Chateau Floral Lace Rug in Coffee will satisfy. The cream detail in this rug makes it the perfect touch of elegance while holding a neutral color palate.

Our new Henry Rug also comes in a coffee-inspired colorway — Java.  Think of this slightly lighter shade as more of mild blend of your favorite morning coffee.

And of course for those who don’t like coffee outright, but prefer a drink that combines espresso, steamed milk, some chocolate and a little whipped cream, there’s our Hammock Rug’s Mocha Hue.

Even if you aren’t a coffee person, we promise you’ll love these bean-themed rugs!

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