I get a lot of questions about Capel Rugs’ Custom Border program. Many of our customers take advantage of this opportunity because it offers Capel quality, and it’s so easy.

Step 1   Coordinate fabrics with rugs

Save a few yards of your fabric, and we’ll help you coordinate an area rug into a design plan. We can match sofas, pillows, and draperies as well as outdoor cushions.

Creative Concepts with Imogen Cherry Border

Creative Concepts with Imogen Cherry Border

sarasota shore canvas spa blue

Step 2   Select from one of eight base carpet styles

Capel Rugs offers eight base carpet styles. Choose the base that appeals to you and works best with your fabric. Send one yard of your fabric(s) to our Dalton factory. We will send back a corner sample for you to approve.


Step 3   Hit send and your custom rug is on the way

Once you approve the sample and we receive the fabric, your custom border rug ships anywhere in the world you’d like.


See the Capel Rugs website for more detail, including the Guide to Fabric Requirements per Standard Sizes.

Give us a call at 800 334-3711 to find out more about our custom rug program, or locate the dealer nearest you.

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Capel Rugs Employees

It’s been hard to catch our breath this year. Running around to all the parties at 100 takes its toll. Seriously, what a year this has been and there’s more to come. Our family has been overwhelmed with the love and support of customers, employees, friends and partners here and abroad.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our employee party.

Just over 150 of Capel Rugs’ corporate, retail and factory employees got together in Troy at our oldest rug making facility for a fun filled afternoon.

We have the most loving, dedicated employees anywhere, some have been with us fifty plus years. The talent among our staff is unparalleled.

Without them, we would not be here to celebrate this amazing milestone of 100 years in business.

The legacy of our grandfather, A. Leon Capel, continues, and we hope for another 100 years with the HQ and three production facilities in Troy as a fully vertical business. Every Capel braid starts in the basement of the historic Smitherman Cotton Mill in Troy. From basic raw cotton and wool, the fibers are carded, dyed, spun, braided and sewn onsite.

Capel Rugs also has production facilities in Dalton, GA, a warehouse in Aberdeen, NC, and an outlet store network.

The party is not over. Look for us at July markets in Las Vegas and Atlanta. Of course, the big one, not to miss is High Point this fall. Lots of surprises and new things coming.

Please let us hear from you. We love the stories. Post something to our Face Book, Twitter, or Pinterest sites. Or just write – PO Box 826, Troy, NC 27371.

With love,


Here are just a few images from the party. See the full album @capelrugs on Face Book.

epprayerep35ep30 familyep4ep6ep5employee party 3employee party 2

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9650_999f_R (1)

Inspired by a desire to bring high-quality, customized rugs to our customers quickly and at affordable prices, Capel Rugs and Coco of COCOCOZY, introduced Coco’s Color Block-Courier Rugs this fall.

In brief, you pick from twelve colors and a host of combinations in a multitude of rectangular sizes up to 15’x20’. Add a stripe or go solid, either way we deliver in less than 90 days.

It took months to sort out everything from the colors and construction to quick delivery turn-around, but in the end, we were thrilled with the high-end, heathered look that typically costs thousands of dollars to produce.

The 5’ x 8’ rug retails for $799.

Coco’s Color Block-Courier style is a wool rug in a flat woven construction that fits transitional, casual, or contemporary design tastes. Our partners in India are producing this rug.

Color Block Solid Cream

Color Block Solid Cream


Wheat, Lt. Green, Dk. Green, Lt. Grey, Charcoal, Black, Robin’s Egg Blue, Lake Blue, Navy, Cream, Mushroom, or Brown

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COCOCOZY and Cameron Capel 2016 High Point Furniture Market

COCOCOZY joined us at High Point Furniture Market in October to help introduce four new additions to the COCOCOZY line — Finesse Tower Court, Color Block, Ribbons, and Glace.

coco red

The entire COCOCOZY collection is a beautiful blending of traditional and contemporary themes and construction. Our customers have responded well to each new introduction over the last few years.

John Magee, Capel CEO, met Coco in 2012. We quickly became friends as well as colleagues. It’s an honor to share a bit of “insider” information about that mysterious woman behind the amazing contemporary designs.


Coco grew up in Los Angeles. After studying Art History and English at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, she attended law school at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The next few years were spent as a Broadcast Journalist, from Hagerstown, PA to Las Vegas. Then she landed a great job with FOX Broadcasting back in Los Angeles.

Once back home, Coco rediscovered her penchant for art and color and design.

coco teach

How did Coco become a famous designer?

Aspiring bloggers, take note. Coco began blogging incognito twice a day in 2008. See her blog here.

“Consistency and mystery are what I attribute to my blog taking off, and I enjoyed sharing with friends and family my ideas about fashion, decorating, and textile design,” says Coco.

coco label

Coco’s textile design process and key inspirations.

Even in a high-tech world, designers like Coco still enjoy hand drawing designs. We often bounce ideas back-and-forth via texted images.

“I’m inspired by nature, architecture, fashion, and color patterns in general. I brought my ideas to Capel, and they helped translate them into fabulous rugs. It’s the design-manufacturing partnership that makes it all work,” Coco notes.

The Tower Court collection is a contemporary machine woven indoor-outdoor design that portrays modern, geometric styling that grew out of imagery from Coco’s Wellesley experiences. Tower Court’s barley tone was especially well received at High Point Furniture Market. Tower Court comes in charcoal, spa, and Capri blue colorways too.

Tower Court Capri blue

Tower Court Capri blue

Tower Court Charcoal

Tower Court Charcoal

She attributes Glace, a transitional wool design hand tufted of wool and viscose in four colorways, to her love for vintage French glass.

Glace Black Cream

Glace Black Cream

Ribbons, a playful hand tufted polyester design with colorful, ribbon-like waves in three colorways, evolved from Coco’s drawings as did the popular Ring collection. Lyrical was inspired by floral art she collects.



Color Block is a customizable collection of “accessible chic” designs that represents our joint desire to offer a high-end, “heathered” look at an affordable price.

Customers can mix and match up to three colors from a palette of 12 fashionable choices, with delivery available in 30 days.

Color Blocks

Color Blocks

What’s next for COCOCOZY in the rug arena?

We are still in the discussion phases, but Coco wants to play around with a modern twist on the iconic Capel braid. As we rapidly approach our 100-year milestone, this idea sounds spot-on for us here in Troy, NC.

Look for much more to come from the COCOCOZY – Capel Rugs partnership.


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Capel Rugs' High Point Furniture Market Showroom

For nearly 100 years, we’ve spent a week each fall at our High Point Furniture Market showroom with some of our favorite people. Thanks to Bret Palmer, Capel’s High Point Market Square Manager, we believe the Capel showroom is the place to be October 22 – 26.

Bret and his helpers have been hard at work rearranging, planning, and setting up for the HPMKT.

High Point Capel Rugs Showroom

Bret Palmer, Manger, Capel Rugs’ High Point Showroom

Here’s just a few things to expect at 112 Market Square October 22 – 26, 2016:

-COCOCOZY, one of our design partners, will be onsite Sunday, October 23 with her new COCOCOZY’s Color Block and more!

-NFL on the big screen

-Biltmore’s cheesecake and wine

-Gorgeous new machine and hand-knotted introductions from Biltmore

-Massages for your tense shoulders and neck

-Recharge stations for your electronics

-Bellinis, of course, to refresh you

What’s different about the showroom this fall?

We’ve completely rearranged this amazing space to inspire designers and show off our custom rug offerings. You can’t believe how many rugs and racks have been moved to open this space up to make room for more displays and vignettes than ever before.

The first thing visitors see is the Capel Custom Shop, which includes Custom Color Block, Chenille Creations, Inspire, and Creative Concepts.

coco rug

COCOCOZY Custom Colors

The Custom Color COCOCOZY line brings together 12 amazing custom color choices, delivered in 90-days.

Designers already love our Capel domestic custom options that have been made easily accessible.

Chenille Creations, made in Troy, NC, offers up to 22 colors in many sizes and shapes.

Creative Concepts and Inspire rugs are customizable fabric bordered rugs from our Dalton, GA plant. We have rounds and runners, all simple and clean in beautiful designs.

New fabric borders and updated colors are available for Creative Concepts and Inspire this year.

Inspire offers a machine-tufted polyester/wool blend base and a nice complementary fabric border. Creative Concepts is an indoor/outdoor, bordered rug with a machine-tufted, high-performance olefin base. Fabric Borders come in solid, striped, floral, or patterned.

Why will designers especially love what you’ve done with the showroom?

Capel launched the new designer trade program this year. We wanted the showroom to reflect the needs of someone walking in here for inspiration, a place to spread out fabrics and photographs.

The response from designers has been overwhelming and positive.

Capel Rugs’ High Point Showroom

Market Square, Space 112 – 305 W. High Avenue -High Point, NC 27260

Bret Palmer, Manager

Tel: 336-882-8911 – Fax: 336-882-8955 –

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llbean wool braided rug room setting

For as long as anyone at Capel Rugs or L.L.Bean can remember, our two companies have worked together. As my friend and colleague Jennifer Benevides, L.L.Bean’s Corporate Merchant Manager, says, “The companies are like cousins. We carried Capel braided rugs before we even had a Home Department.”

I got on the phone recently with Jennifer to reminisce about our long-standing company relationship, talk about what has made L.L.Bean such an enduring company, and to get some ideas for how to make our own Centennial Jubilee meaningful and fun.


Jennifer Benevides, L.L.Bean, Corporate Merchant Manager

L.L.Bean celebrated their 100th Year Anniversary in 2012 with a huge celebration. Capel Rugs turns 100 in 2017.

The similarities in history and business ethos are striking between Capel Rugs and L.L.Bean. We are both still U.S.-based, family-owned, and committed to a high-level of customer service.

What’s the story behind the success of L.L.Bean?

Leon Leonwood Bean founded L.L.Bean in 1912 with a vision for providing the ultimate hunting boot to Maine hunters. He solicited the help of a cobbler and purchased the nonresident Maine hunting license list to get started. In no time, he’d sold 100 pairs. But the design was yet to be perfected, and 90 pairs were sent back.

While his first attempt at creating a comfortable boot that would keep feet from getting wet failed, Mr. Bean did not give up. He kept his word to refund the cost and went back to the drawing board.

How we respond to failure really defines our future. Everyone will fail at some point. You’ve got to learn from it and move forward. Mistakes are how we learn.

Mr. Bean’s now famous quote is still what company employees live by:

“Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings – and they will always come back for more.”

Throughout his life and the entire history of the company, L.L.Bean has focused on high-quality products backed by excellent service.

Talk a little about what it takes to be a vendor partner to L.L.Bean.

We work with companies that share our commitment to the highest levels of quality and customer service. We may be demanding, but it’s because we do not want to disappoint customers. Many suppliers just can’t meet the standard.

Made in America is a big deal to us, and when we can find partners that meet our demands and have U.S. operations, we look for ways to work together.

Our customers have an expectation that if we sell a product, it’s been thoroughly vetted. We’ve tested it in our lab and decided it’s good enough for our customer. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the products we sell. If a customer is not satisfied with the performance of a product, we take it back.

It’s the L.L.Bean world class guarantee.

Capel makes the best braids, still, which is why we have an exclusive 100 percent wool, heavy-duty construction braided line with you. The braids are something that can be moved around the house; they’re multi-purpose and so durable. Young people into heritage-like rugs still resonate with the L.L.Bean-Capel braided rug.

The Capel braid is a classic. It’s like the Oxford shirt; its popularity might go up and down, but it never goes out of style.

How did L.L.Bean celebrate their centennial?

We used the entire anniversary year to talk about our history and who we are as a company, then and now, in our catalogs and online.

The 100th anniversary was something special locally as well as nationally. If you live in Freeport, Maine, you know L.L.Bean; the company has touched your life. Many residents work for L.L.Bean.

The company sponsored a huge festival in Freeport. It was an all-day event with music, arts and crafts, and food for the community as well as visitors. Local nonprofit groups like Lions Club and 4H sold food. Many of our employees volunteered to help out. We also contributed to the development of a local fields and trail project, a statewide program focused on getting kids in the outdoors, and the National Park Foundation.

For us as employees, working here means you are part of something bigger than yourself. The high level of values rubs off on you.

How is the family involved with L.L.Bean?

Many members of the family work in the business as well as participate on the board and are involved in the charitable giving program of the company.

Long-time president and grandson of ‘L. L.” Leon Gorman initiated the stakeholder philosophy as the way of doing business, which states that the company purpose is to add value to the lives of people who have a vested interest in L.L.Bean. Leon demonstrated his care for our employees and that commitment lives on.

The family has never been boastful about what they do, but people in Maine know what they are about and how much they have given back.

Leon Gorman was a well-respected leader in the community. After retiring, he volunteered at the local soup kitchen. The story goes that after his shift, he would clean the place to perfection, even getting under the stove. When asked why, he told people, “If you do a job, you gotta do it right.”

We at Capel Rugs look forward to celebrating more milestones with L.L.Bean.

The synergies and relationship between the two companies are remarkable. The thread that binds us is a commitment to customer service and high-quality standards for products.


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Biltmore house

Last week I joined a group of amazing people at Biltmore in Asheville, NC for a licensing partner’s retreat. We move at such a fast pace in this business. It was great to have the exchange of ideas and get a glimpse of what’s coming in terms of design for 2017.

Biltmore Inspire


Still known as America’s Largest Home®, Biltmore’s 250-room French Renaissance Chateau features striking rugs of many unique sizes, textures, and colors. Every time I visit, I find a new source of inspiration among the gardens, rooms, and terrace views for the Biltmore® Rug Collection by Capel.

Biltmore Legacy Shiraz in Classic Red

Capel has ten collections with Biltmore, with four more in the works. We can’t reveal details just yet, but expect to see machine mades, tufted and hand knots!

Of our existing collections, I can’t pick just one favorite. Here’s a few. See Capel’s Biltmore Collection.

Arrondelle Baroque NickelArrondelle Baroque Nickel

Select Regal Blue BiltmoreSelect Bidjar Regal Blue

Granada Navy BiltmoreGranada Navy

All the best,


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Carmen Herndon Ballard Designs

I’ve known Carmen Herndon for seventeen years. She’s a buyer with Ballard Designs in Atlanta. We’ve had a mutual respect for each other’s “eye for style” since the day we met.

The Ballard August/September Catalog drops end of July. I just saw her at Atlanta Market, and we talked about her thoughts for what to expect this fall as well as trends into 2017.

What drives trends?

A lot of what I do is research trends. We are always looking out a year. We just finished plans for summer 2017.

The colors and motifs of fabric are what primarily drives our trends. Of course, fashion drives fabric. I just got back from one of the fabric markets. Buyers will see the influence of those fabrics at fall furniture markets. The consumers will see those fabric influences in 2017 products.

Talk about color. What do you see?

Gray remains big. Brown is coming back. I see it in pops, especially taupe.

Moodboard-Pantone-Fashion-Color-Report-Fall-2016-Warm-Taupe-16-1318(Pantone’s fall 2016 taupe)

Blues have changed from the spa mineral colors to a dusty, darker blue that’s tracking with Pantone’s 2017 fashion colors.

Moodboard-Pantone-Fashion-Color-Report-Fall-2016-Airy-Blue-14-4122(Pantone’s fall 2016 airy blue)

What do you see regarding rug purchase trends with your buyers?

Rugs are not so tied to trends. Rugs are such an anchor element in rooms. People don’t tend to change rugs very often. Think of all the trouble it would be to roll up and store a rug seasonally. It’s not realistic. I’ve had the same rug in some rooms for ten years because I love the colors.

Many people start with a rug they love and then build a room around it, playing off the color palette on the rug. You can change the slip cover and pillows for a sofa, such as velvet in winter and linen in summer, but keep the rug.

The Capel Rugs that I love most are the drop-dead gorgeous hand knotted designs.

Ballard Designs has had a special relationship with Capel for years to offer the St. Tropez, an indoor-outdoor, timeless rug  with a sisal-like base and Sunbrella border.

I think our customers love it because this rug looks like sisal but is so soft a baby could crawl on it. It’s pet and kid friendly, so easy to clean. Creative Concepts is a similar collection available direct from Capel Rugs.

St. Tropez Capel Rug for Ballard Designs(Ballard Designs St. Tropez with Capel Rugs)

Ballard Designs is a good example of a company that has experimented with us here at Capel Rugs as a partner to serve their customers.

We’ve even got a modern version of a braided rug online with Ballard Designs that Carmen says her customers are responding to because the color palette works well with many of the fabrics Ballard offers.

charlotte braid by Capel(Capel Rugs Made in USA Charlotte Braid Design for Ballard Design Online)

It’s great to get perspective from someone like Carmen. Ballard Designs caters to a discerning yet price conscience clientele. My goal for Capel Rugs is to design and produce rugs that appeal to a wide range of tastes and price points.



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vegas showroom

We always get excited about markets, but this year’s IMC Las Vegas Summer Market is special for Capel Rugs in many ways. I’ve just spoken with Suzanne Berger, Capel’s Vegas Showroom Manager. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Sunday, July 31 at 10:30 am new space A133 ribbon cutting with Bob Maricich

We can’t help but celebrate this milestone for Capel in Las Vegas and feel really honored that IMC CEO, Bob Maricich will help us cut the ribbon and hang the 10-year plaque in A133 at 10:30 am on Sunday, July 31.

Please join us. We’ll have refreshments ready too.

  • Capel’s new A133 location at IMC is beautiful and works well for all

Suzanne has been with Capel since we opened the Vegas showroom in 2005. She’s been at the forefront of our transition from the second-floor space to the new A133 location on the first floor, in between Global Views and Four Hands.

“I’ve never seen a space that is so designer-friendly and complementary to the products. It’s literally like a jewel box,” said Suzanne.

When Capel made the decision to move, we decided to go all out and spare no detail to create a space that complements our rugs and provides an inspiring, accessible work space for designers and buyers.

Again, Suzanne. “The feedback from designers has been fabulous. Everyone loves the areas we’ve created where they can sit with clients to layout fabrics against rug samples. Oh, and the sample library that has every rug imaginable is a huge hit too.”

Because rugs are such a foundational piece for every room, samples that can be spread out, touched, and contrasted with fabrics are vital. We’ve put the entire gamut of Capel rugs into a sample library, from our price conscious contemporary lines to one-of-a-kind hand-knotted traditional pieces.

barrister traditional black web Barrister    Gravity BlueGravity

  • Simply Gabbeh in Stucco selected for 2016 First Look by IMC trend watchers

Our unique Capel design Simply Gabbeh in Stucco was selected by the First Look design team. It’s a 100 percent wool, hand-loomed construction in multiple colors.

“It’s one of those Capel gems that defy style and can go into a man cave just as easily as the family room,” said Suzanne.

  • Treating our guests to massages, Bellinis, Starbucks, and discounts

We hope you are expecting Capel Rugs’ Southern hospitality.

-Massage chair open July 31 – August 4

-Bellinis, Starbucks Coffee, and other refreshments

-20% discounts on select collections

It’s hard not to catch Suzanne’s enthusiasm. She said, “It looks divine, and I love it here. I know that everyone coming this summer will be as excited as I am.”

Come on and judge for yourself. Look for Kevin O’Brien’s Caravan Collection in the window.

Caravan Adriatic Kevin O'BrienCaravan Adriatic Tuscan Blue


World Market Center, Space A133
495 S. Grand Central Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Open 9-5, Monday – Friday
Open to the Trade Only

Suzanne Berger, Manager
Tel: 702-385-7847
Fax: 702-385-7849


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I met Genevieve Gorder (GG) at a New York City rug meeting in 2012. Capel Rugs was looking to add the kind of contemporary touch and aesthetic we’d seen from GG on her HGTV show, Dear Genevieve and Design(ish) on the Design Network. We bonded over bacon at brunch, and our relationship began that day with a handshake, and it continues to grow.

Capel Rugs and Genevieve Gorder released seven new rug designs in 2016. Our 2017 plans include up to five new releases.

I sat down to talk with GG for a sneak peek at what she’s up to in aesthetic and design for the next few year as well as her inspiration for the Scandinavian-styled lines she’s brought to market over the last couple of years.

First, a look into the future. What are you up to GG?

I am currently designing everything, at least it feels like it. Home products for Land of Nod, Tempaper and of course a new collection for my rug collection with Capel.

A new television series begins filming this fall along with a new digital series.

What can we expect in terms of colors and patterns from you next?

I hunt and gather all over the world to connect the ancient world’s patterns to the present color palettes. I like to be provocative, graphic and at the same time familiar.

I always need to figure out what’s coming and why. Design has so much logic behind it if you just connect the dots. Design moves to current events, politics, and pop culture, you have to be alive and aware in all of it to understand where we’re going next.

As far as the next season, I see a flurry of brilliant and bold color creeping in as the interest in Cuba continues to build. Deep tobacco browns, emerald greens, aquas and flamingo pinks abound. As Havana unfolds, East Africa ancient will creep in slowly.

What’s influencing your style lately? Talk about your inspiration.

I’m half Scandinavian and grew up with the heavy influence of Nordic style. As a designer, my roots are my creative backbone. My inspiration changes every day.

Snø, Dokka Stripe, and the latest Viking Stripe rugs are all heavily influenced by family patterns, Norway and that Nordic tribal hand. It’s been a fun ride with Scandinavian style really trending for the past many years. Thanks, Frozen!

My Croatian side is not to be ignored, though. Puhalo Stripe was my great grandmother’s design, a woven tablecloth she made, and a great seller.

How do you know what’s going to work, especially with contemporary designs?

I’m not always right, but people hire designers for their creativity and insight. Sometimes you don’t know until you test something in the marketplace. The best outcomes result from partnerships, like ours, where we really WORK together. Cameron, you are unusual! You truly trust design and its process. You are a gem.

It’s been a fun Choo Choo to hop on. Capel has given me a loud and creative voice while staying true to their business.

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