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We always get excited about markets, but this year’s IMC Las Vegas Summer Market is special for Capel Rugs in many ways. I’ve just spoken with Suzanne Berger, Capel’s Vegas Showroom Manager. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Sunday, July 31 at 10:30 am new space A133 ribbon cutting with Bob Maricich

We can’t help but celebrate this milestone for Capel in Las Vegas and feel really honored that IMC CEO, Bob Maricich will help us cut the ribbon and hang the 10-year plaque in A133 at 10:30 am on Sunday, July 31.

Please join us. We’ll have refreshments ready too.

  • Capel’s new A133 location at IMC is beautiful and works well for all

Suzanne has been with Capel since we opened the Vegas showroom in 2005. She’s been at the forefront of our transition from the second-floor space to the new A133 location on the first floor, in between Global Views and Four Hands.

“I’ve never seen a space that is so designer-friendly and complementary to the products. It’s literally like a jewel box,” said Suzanne.

When Capel made the decision to move, we decided to go all out and spare no detail to create a space that complements our rugs and provides an inspiring, accessible work space for designers and buyers.

Again, Suzanne. “The feedback from designers has been fabulous. Everyone loves the areas we’ve created where they can sit with clients to layout fabrics against rug samples. Oh, and the sample library that has every rug imaginable is a huge hit too.”

Because rugs are such a foundational piece for every room, samples that can be spread out, touched, and contrasted with fabrics are vital. We’ve put the entire gamut of Capel rugs into a sample library, from our price conscious contemporary lines to one-of-a-kind hand-knotted traditional pieces.

barrister traditional black web Barrister    Gravity BlueGravity

  • Simply Gabbeh in Stucco selected for 2016 First Look by IMC trend watchers

Our unique Capel design Simply Gabbeh in Stucco was selected by the First Look design team. It’s a 100 percent wool, hand-loomed construction in multiple colors.

“It’s one of those Capel gems that defy style and can go into a man cave just as easily as the family room,” said Suzanne.

  • Treating our guests to massages, Bellinis, Starbucks, and discounts

We hope you are expecting Capel Rugs’ Southern hospitality.

-Massage chair open July 31 – August 4

-Bellinis, Starbucks Coffee, and other refreshments

-20% discounts on select collections

It’s hard not to catch Suzanne’s enthusiasm. She said, “It looks divine, and I love it here. I know that everyone coming this summer will be as excited as I am.”

Come on and judge for yourself. Look for Kevin O’Brien’s Caravan Collection in the window.

Caravan Adriatic Kevin O'BrienCaravan Adriatic Tuscan Blue


World Market Center, Space A133
495 S. Grand Central Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Open 9-5, Monday – Friday
Open to the Trade Only

Suzanne Berger, Manager
Tel: 702-385-7847
Fax: 702-385-7849


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I met Genevieve Gorder (GG) at a New York City rug meeting in 2012. Capel Rugs was looking to add the kind of contemporary touch and aesthetic we’d seen from GG on her HGTV show, Dear Genevieve and Design(ish) on the Design Network. We bonded over bacon at brunch, and our relationship began that day with a handshake, and it continues to grow.

Capel Rugs and Genevieve Gorder released seven new rug designs in 2016. Our 2017 plans include up to five new releases.

I sat down to talk with GG for a sneak peek at what she’s up to in aesthetic and design for the next few year as well as her inspiration for the Scandinavian-styled lines she’s brought to market over the last couple of years.

First, a look into the future. What are you up to GG?

I am currently designing everything, at least it feels like it. Home products for Land of Nod, Tempaper and of course a new collection for my rug collection with Capel.

A new television series begins filming this fall along with a new digital series.

What can we expect in terms of colors and patterns from you next?

I hunt and gather all over the world to connect the ancient world’s patterns to the present color palettes. I like to be provocative, graphic and at the same time familiar.

I always need to figure out what’s coming and why. Design has so much logic behind it if you just connect the dots. Design moves to current events, politics, and pop culture, you have to be alive and aware in all of it to understand where we’re going next.

As far as the next season, I see a flurry of brilliant and bold color creeping in as the interest in Cuba continues to build. Deep tobacco browns, emerald greens, aquas and flamingo pinks abound. As Havana unfolds, East Africa ancient will creep in slowly.

What’s influencing your style lately? Talk about your inspiration.

I’m half Scandinavian and grew up with the heavy influence of Nordic style. As a designer, my roots are my creative backbone. My inspiration changes every day.

Snø, Dokka Stripe, and the latest Viking Stripe rugs are all heavily influenced by family patterns, Norway and that Nordic tribal hand. It’s been a fun ride with Scandinavian style really trending for the past many years. Thanks, Frozen!

My Croatian side is not to be ignored, though. Puhalo Stripe was my great grandmother’s design, a woven tablecloth she made, and a great seller.

How do you know what’s going to work, especially with contemporary designs?

I’m not always right, but people hire designers for their creativity and insight. Sometimes you don’t know until you test something in the marketplace. The best outcomes result from partnerships, like ours, where we really WORK together. Cameron, you are unusual! You truly trust design and its process. You are a gem.

It’s been a fun Choo Choo to hop on. Capel has given me a loud and creative voice while staying true to their business.

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The New 2016 Capel Rugs Virtual Tour is here.

We worked with Glenn Sheridan of GSO360 to produce a new virtual tour of our High Point Showroom. The rapid expansion of this technology is amazing. Not only can you simulate a walk through the showroom, there’s a feature to click on a rug you like and get detailed information.

Here are a few collections linked with more information:

-Ashland (cotton, transitional, hand-woven)

-Austin (olefin, casual, machine-woven)

-Zulu (wool, contemporary, hand-tufted)

-Windsor (wool-nylon blend, casual, braided)

(cut and paste this link)

Let us know what you think. Please share.

With love,


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Caravan Adriatic Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O’Brien of Kevin O’Brien Studio is one of the extraordinary designers we collaborate with to bring new ideas for color, texture, and simply interesting concepts to rug design. When Kevin and I met a few years back, we knew immediately that we should work together.

We reconnected last week at High Point Market and had an amazing time.

cameron and kevin o'brien blog size *Note: Kevin’s beard really is blue. :)

We unveiled, what I personally think, is Kevin’s most interesting collection for Capel Rugs to-date. My favorite is Constantinople in Adriatic

adriatic web size

See the entire collection at at Capel Rugs and a few more images below. I wanted to share with you a conversation Kevin and I had last week about his work and thoughts on rug styles.

How is Kevin O’Brien Studio interpreting new trends?

Many of the new trends play perfectly into our strengths.  We see a lot of watercolor effects, gemstones, and geodes trending. We like to think that the rich jewel tones applied to our velvets helped usher some of those concepts into home decor recently.

Where do you get the ideas that make your personal brand so appealing?

Almost all of what we design is also made by us. It all starts in our large test studio. As a painter, I spend most of my time mixing colors and trying out new ways of putting them on fabrics.

Since I cannot make my own rugs, I am really lucky to have friends at Capel. One of the best ways to experience color is in a rug because it is so deep and rich.

What’s your thought on the future of traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs?

I think the differences are important to maintain and are there because they serve very different sectors of the consuming population.  Contemporary gets most of the attention because we all like to see what’s new, but traditional is not going away.

If anything, I believe that contemporary will fragment into many varied styles because modern life is changing so fast. I expect to see traditional contemporary as well as Avant-garde as descriptors in the near future.

Where do you hope to take Kevin O’Brien Studio in the future?

I am passionate about beautiful product. I spend most of my time running the business, but the motivation is the creation of designs that will cause delight and amazement.

Twenty years ago, I started with  selling hand-painted scarves. Today, our line includes a little bit of everything.

Please take a look at what Kevin and his studio team have done for Capel Rugs.

With Love,



Caravan Constantinople Kevin O'Briencaravan sky Kevin O'Briencaravan grey dusk kevin o'brien

Caravan Constantinople, Sky, and Grey Dusk

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barrister traditional black web

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with a number of designers, as well as brands, to expand our offerings across the three primary categories of rug styles: traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

Beginning with our now iconic braids, Capel has always blurred the lines between the categories. In the early days, our braided rugs defied traditional conventions.

Here are a few examples, and my quick “defining points”, for traditional, transitional, and contemporary rugs.

Traditional Rugs

Defining points: defined borders, warm or neutral colors, comfortable, ornate, opulent

Traditional design brings to mind old Europe and the 18th century. One of my favorites from the Capel collection that has remained popular is the Barrister style.

We’ve increased the colorways and size options for 2016. See the new catalog here.

The Barrister style is shown here in Black. The colorways of aqua, with a pop of indigo, make it very ethereal. It’s wool and hand knotted, also available in Ink, Oyster, and Cognac.

barrister traditional blackBarrister in Black

Transitional Rugs

Defining points: repeating patterns, blends updated colors and patterns from traditional styles, classic, clean, beige to tan color families, yin and yang balance

Transitional designs tend to jazz-up a traditional pattern or color scheme without jarring the eye.

The Berkeley style remains popular. It’s made of wool and silk in a flat woven construction. It’s shown here in Deep Sea, available in eight colors.

berkely deep seaBerkeley in Deep Sea

The Arch style, shown below in Blue, is from our Abbey collection. It’s an olefin, outdoor rug that bridges contemporary and transitional. It comes in Spice Multi and is made in the USA.

abbey arch blue Arch in Blue

Contemporary Rugs

Defining points: no borders, bold color, unique, modern art-like design elements

Our design partnership with COCOCOZY contains several contemporary rugs. Here’s our Fence style in Charcoal, available in five colors. It’s wool and a hand knotted construction.

fence in charcoalFence in Charcoal

The Rings style in Flax, a member of our Orchard House collection, is a wool, contemporary rug design from our creations with Biltmore. Orchard House-Rings rugs have a trellis pattern and a hand tufted construction. It comes in Maize as well.

Rings in FlaxRings in Flax

Ultimately, it comes down to the rug texture, color, size, and shape that fits your personal style. Come see me at High Point Market. I’ll show you hundreds of styles across the spectrum.

With Love,





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Williamsburg Brand and Capel Rugs

Capel Rugs will introduce two new mid-range priced transitional rug lines in six colorways to the WILLIAMSBURG collections at HPMRKT in April. WILLIAMSBURG’s tagline – Trend Meets Tradition - is reflective of the classic 18th-century design adapted to the colors, materials, and scale of a transitional look. The goal is to preserve the appeal of our brands while meeting the tastes of new generations.

We’ve worked closely with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation since 2002. Recently, I spoke with Liza Gusler, the amazing Licensing Manager for the WILLIAMSBURG brand (WBG brand), about our shared desire to offer enduring Southern styles with national appeal.

The entire collection features new colorways that complement the many neutrals on the market. Our colors range from aqua and indigo to greige and taupe. The new rugs will be available late summer 2016.

How we arrive at colorways, construction, and design.

Capel is one of thirty licensees working with the WBG brand.  Also included are names such as Benjamin Moore, Global Views, York Wallcoverings, Robert Abbey lighting, and PK Lifestyles fabrics.

As Liza notes, we all benefit from her ability to listen to designers from a range of WILLIAMSBURG licensees regarding what’s happening in the marketplace with colors, fabrics, and much more.  We, in turn, translate it into products that are just right for WBG brand customers.

Why we feel Shalimar Resist and Ashland are unique Capel – WBG brand rug offerings.

Technique and colorways make the difference.

We’ve employed a hand woven Jacquard, using a combination of a high and low pile and 3 to 4 shades of color and very detailed patterns. The fibers are 55% wool, 35% viscose, and 10% cotton yarns.  The lower pile is wool while the higher pile uses a mixture of viscose and wool.  Viscose offers a silky sheen.

What Liza and I both love are the effects this approach creates depending on your vantage point and the lighting. Whether you are looking from north, south, east, or west – the texture offers a different effect.

Ashland – Style # 1785 incorporates a paisley pattern. It is available in aqua, natural, and greige.

Shalimar Resist – Style # 1786 is a hand-tufted damask design made by master weavers in India. It is available in indigo, taupe, and khaki.

Williamsburg  brands represents “the good bones of classic 18th – century design with modern sensibilities.”

Liza says, “Nearing our 80th anniversary WILLIAMSBURG remains an evolving, venerable brand possessing the good bones of classic 18th – century design yet appreciating modern sensibilities.”

I love it. WBG brand has owned tradition for 50 years. It’s a challenge to improve upon what our mothers and grandmothers passed along. When building on design foundations that have not gone out of style for literally hundreds of years, there’s a freedom that enables us to bring transitional pieces to our customers that are affordable and gorgeous.

Capel Rugs is honored to collaborate with the pioneer of home furnishings licensing, beginning over 80 years ago with Wedgwood at the suggestion of John D. Rockefeller, Junior, who remained an active benefactor of Colonial Williamsburg and America’s historical design traditions until his death in 1960.

Learn more about The WILLIAMSBURG brand:

See you at High Point Market in April!

With Love,




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Williamsburg Grand Palampore cream

I spent the day at our Capel High Point Market showroom with our fabulous photographer of twenty-plus years, Wendell Wagner of Tri Group Studios. We shot six new rugs in our Williamsburg Collection for debut at High Point Market.

You’ll see Shalimar Resist and Ashland rugs in our new 2016 catalog – coming out week of April 11.

Look for a peek at what you’ll see in our new catalog from Williamsburg soon. Think – trend meets tradition in multiple shades of aqua, taupe, indigo, and more. It’s a departure from our existing Williamsburg collection, which captured classic Colonial patterns.

williamsburg fretwork puttyWilliamsburg filigree naturalWilliamsburg Lotus 450 ocean

If I had to sum up in one word what we were after, it’s texture.

For the last few years, the rug market has been all about texture. I love what we’ve done with texture in this Williamsburg Collection. We incorporated a more sophisticated jacquard pattern and a mix of wool and viscous cotton with varied pile heights.

Whether the soft under foot pleasure of cotton chenille in a bedroom or the functional nubby feel of my grandmother’s braided kitchen rug, I believe texture is integral to good rug construction.

With Love,


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Didn’t get a chance to visit us at the recent High Point Market? That’s OK — Capel Rugs has you covered!

Capel Rugs, America’s Rug Company™, has teamed up with Google Business View to create a virtual tour of our High Point, N.C., showroom.

During the Fall High Point Market held Oct. 18 to 23, Capel Rugs executives worked with Google professionals to capture premium-quality, panoramic images of our entire showroom.


The results are stunning true-to-life, 360-degree views of Capel’s latest designer styles that, when viewed online through Google Street View technology, deliver an immersive and interactive tour of the showroom.

“Our virtual tour gives customers who didn’t come to market an easy opportunity to see what they missed,” says Cameron Capel, vice president of national accounts for Capel Rugs. “And those who did attend can use this technology to review what they saw and loved during their visit.”

At the October market, Capel Rugs introduced several new additions to the WILLIAMSBURG® “trend meets tradition” line and the Biltmore® line of licensed rug designs. In addition, we launched a variety of new creative Capel-branded designs emphasizing the themes of Color Burst and Texture Riot.


So, do you want to take a tour? Simply click here! The virtual tour is also linked directly from and can be found using Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.

“This innovative tool provides buyers with the ability to tour our showroom and view our products at their own convenience on any Web-enabled computer or mobile device, from any location and at any time,” said Cameron Capel.

Capel Rugs debuted its virtual showroom technology in July at the summer edition of Atlanta’s International Gift & Home Furnishings Market and, in the coming months, Capel plans to expand its virtual tour offerings to include other company showrooms!

Capel is committed to providing retailers, consumers and designers with all the support they need to easily explore the company’s ever-evolving line of stylish area rugs — the most comprehensive in the industry,” said Cameron Capel. “This year’s new tools include the release of the dynamic 2014 Capel Catalog, ongoing additions to and the new Google-based virtual showroom tour.”

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At Capel Rugs, it’s no secret that we love showing off our unique rug designs, and what better way to showcase our work than in a brand new location!

Capel Rugs has a new home on the third floor of AmericasMart – just in time for the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market on January 6-13.

Location, location, location!
The new spot – located in Suite 15 on the third floor of Merchandise Mart – will ease the shopping experience for customers as many begin their shopping on that floor during market. And to top that off, we are completely renovating the new showroom!


With more than 10,000 products in the Capel Rugs line, we wanted to create a space that complemented our designs. We creatively designed new flooring and wall treatments to enhance the one-of-a-kind showroom experience for our customers.

“The layout of our new showroom offers additional presentation opportunities that will enable us to show a large assortment of exciting rugs, while also providing space to incorporate graphics, accessories and décor items that demonstrate how well our designs coordinate with a diverse range of interior design products,” said Allen Robertson, vice president of sales for Capel Rugs.

What to expect from our new home:
Just a few of the many rugs Capel will showcase at market include Carousel, a hand knotted collection made with sari silks. In addition, Capel is featuring a variety of contemporary tufted designs and a new Vintage collection, plus new styles and colors of the company’s famous American Original braids.

We’re busy preparing our new home for January. We can’t wait for you to stop by space 3-C-15 to see our hard work and amazing rugs!

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One of the hottest furniture pieces in the interior decorating industry right now is a luxurious blue velvet sofa for a formal or casual living room. To pull off the look in the space an area rug is a necessity that can either dress the space up or set the relaxing tone.

Blue velvet sofa

For an opulent living room, look no further than our Biltmore collection taken from the archives of one of the most extensive collections of hand made rugs in the world. The brand new Legacy Shiraz rug has adapted traditional elements with an updated palette to create a stunning hand knotted work of art. The rug is made form 100% New Zealand wool, which is the whitest and purest wool in the world. If the traditional design and quality construction don’t put you over the edge, the 1/2-inch of fringe on the ends will. The sheen of the silver grey colorway matched with the blue velvet sofa make an unbeatable pairing.

For a totally different look, try our Tangier rug acts as the perfect complement to the velvet seating, offering a global look that brings together the cultures of Northern Africa and Europe. The Morrocan pattern of the rug is given a plush treatment with a two-inch super soft rug pile that creates the softness underfoot of a shag rug with a contemporary edge. The trellis pattern contains tribal elements for a one-of-a-kind feel. The 100% olefin fibers are hypoallergenic, easy to clean and durable for a long lasting stylish look.

Legacy rugTangier rugArabesque rug(L-R): Legacy Shiraz in silver grey, Tangier in stone and Arabesque in Oslo grey

Those looking to put a geometric pattern on their floor should look no further than our Arabesque rug in Oslo grey from the Genevieve Gorder collection. The cool grey tones balance the rich dark blue from the velvet couch. This flat woven rug is also reversible to allow for twice the wear between cleanings.

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